Just in time for that ugly winter weather!!

Protect that nice-looking varnish with this North Shore Canvas winter cover that was custom made for my '88 IP31.

It has been used for only two seasons and is in great shape! (We've had virtually no snow the last two seasons.)

Very substantial material made for extreme weather. Comes in three pieces that zip together - complete with sewn-in labels that guide their connection. One zipper aligns with the cockpit for easy entry. Requires no separate frame as it uses the boom for support. One hour and your baby is all protected for the nasty weather. Has tie-downs at each stanchion and at the end of the boom and mast (of course). This is the DELUXE (extended) version that completely covers the rubrail.

Here's a link to their website:

A pic off their website is below. Installation instructions, in PDF format, are available via email.

Paid $2,400 but will let it go for $1,750. Heavy so buyer pays for desired shipping method, if necessary.


Your Name: D. Wayne Speight
Severna Park
IP31 Full Boat Cover

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