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Art Neufeld replied to the topic 'IP 27 sailors' in the forum. 2 days ago

I had Duchess out over 40 days in 2017 (NJ shore area), but then started a remote job in Virginia a year ago. She is in storage for now. A previous owner took a lot of photo's and posted a lot of good info on this site. Her name was Panther then and you can still find all that info here.

You may be able to help me with two things related to the engine compartment. How do you open your engine compartment hatch? All I have is a strong string attached to a corner. Also, can you please post a photo looking straight down at the stuffing box? Mine is nearly impossible to reach, and I have a hunch the hose that connects it to the stern-tube is now shorter than it should be.

What can I help you with?


Rico replied to the topic 'IP 27 sailors' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hello Art, thanks for replying, I just purchased a 1989 IP27 from the Galveston Houston area and managed to sail it ( with some motoring ) to south padre island . My question is do you do a lot of sailing? Looking for some tips and guidence.


Lenny CHRISTIAN updated their profile picture. 3 days ago

Cap'n Jesse Broome Tuuuurtle! 3 days ago
Art Neufeld replied to the topic 'IP 27 sailors' in the forum. 3 days ago

We have hull 33 of the 27’s. What’s on your mind.


peter chilcott replied to the topic 'Hull osmosis' in the forum. 5 days ago

Yes, I would expect so, I think it was a 10 year guarantee.

In any event, I suspect the change of owner might negate any guarantee anyway.


peter chilcott created a new topic ' Grohe Faucet 485 but probably others.' in the forum. 5 days ago

This is about the faucet on my IP485, but I think the same faucet is commonly used.

I suffered from poor flow for sometime.

I eventually removed the box beneath the sink in the engine room to reveal the plumbing. Removing the box was straight forward - just lots of screws. The whole box can be removed from the engine room.

I expected to find a diverter valve beneath, between the faucet and the sprayer. There was none. The plumbing is very simple. There is one pipe to the cold water pump. The faucet has three small bore metal pipes that screw into its base. These pipes are in turn connected to the plastic hoses supplying hot and cold, and direct to the sprayer.

I can well imagine that because the pipes are of the typical small bore copper commonly used these could become restricted where the wide bore plastic connects to the small bore pipes. I had no such restriction.

I expected to find my problem beneath the box, but no such luck.

In desperation I removed the tap cartridges, (which I had done before) and these were also fine.

Finally I rmoved the swan pipe from the middle of the faucet and noticed there is a small what appears to be sprung loaded valve in the middle of the pipe of the tap itself, not the swan pipe. It is easy to see if you look directly down into the centre tube which the swan pipe screws onto. In my case the sprung valve barely lifted. Lots of jiggling with a screw driver and thin nosed plyers worked the valve free and full flow was instantly and impressivley restored. Through time I guess the valve had just silted up probably with a bit of lime scale as well.

I finished off the job with some descaler poored in the pipe and left to sit, but it barely fizzed and didnt have any obvious effect other than to bring the valve back to a shiny colour.

Problem solved.


Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800Island Packet 380 for sale $162,800
Island Packet 380 PLAN SEA for sale at $162,800. This is the best and cleanest 380 on the market and[...]

hayden created a new topic ' Island Packet 380 FOR SALE: MINT: $162,800' in the forum. 6 days ago

Someone is going to be the next lucky owner of one of the best IP 380s on the MLS. This boat is SPOTLESS, and ready to sail to the Bahamas or to liveaboard.

At $162,800, this is the BEST DEAL on Yacht World for a yacht in this condition.

See the listing details and the 150 Photos I posted here:

Please contact me: Hayden Cochran to talk about see this yacht or simply reply this forum post.

Hayden, trying to help a friend.


Dean post a new ad IP35 $32,500 Storm Damaged 1 week ago

IP35 hull #50 (1989) for sale $32,500 damaged by hurricane Michael. Interior is not damaged. Exterio[...]

Colin Mills replied to the topic 'Hull osmosis' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I'm about to buy a 2006 IP 370 and the survey has shown up some patches of blisters on one side (port). I'm guessing that being 12 years old the warranty will no longer apply.


Cap'n Jesse Broome replied to the topic 'Re: IP 465 ATLAST, Circumnavigates in 15 months!' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Is there a place where Island Packet circumnavigators are enshrined? If not a list should certainly be compiled!


hayden replied to the topic 'Changing transmission Cable' in the forum. 2 weeks ago


I have spent lots of time working on this as I replaced my shifter cables with new Teleflx cables and I replaced the old style shifter with a new single lever one.

What I learned from this regarding not shiting into a gear, fed or rev, is that you need to look very closely at your transmission lever and the shifter cable mount and clamp hold down. To study this, first, remove the shifter cable from the shifter lever on the transmission. Now, move the shifter lever into fwd, neutral rev, just move it back and forth. Now stop it in neutral, making sure your this trans shifter lever is is neutral. Next, with the cable end removed, move your shifter at the helm into fwd, neutral, rev and look at the movement of the cable end, obviously this takes 2 people. Now, position the helm shifter in the neutral position. Look at the cable clamp and the cable feed and it should be 90 degree to the transmission lever. This cable mount on the transmission we had to remake so that we could position the cable 90 degrees to the lever in neutral. If this is off then the cable will push more in one direction over the other. This study of the movement of the transmission lever related to the cable being 90 degrees may fix your problem.

That is where I would start.



John A Odell created a new topic ' Changing transmission Cable' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I have a IP320 and recently have had problems shifting into forward. No problems with reverse. Have adjusted the cable as far forward as possible, and when moving the lever and inspecting the transmission end no problem seems to be visible. When lever pushed into forward and click audible, forward motion occurs occasionally after about 4-5 secs. If the lever is pushed forward rapidly the engine sometimes does not go into forward. Reverse is not a problem. I removed the compass and inspected the inner aspect of the lever with the rods and upper aspect of the cable visible and cannot see any obvious problem.
Any suggestions? I strongly suspect the cable is the issue. How would I replace the cable? How do I lubricate the cable.


hayden replied to the topic 'Island Packet 380 PLAN SEA for sale' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

If you are looking for the BEST Island Packet 380 on the market, THIS IS YOUR BOAT. STOP LOOKING, you really need to seriously consider this one. She will not last long at this new Boat Show lowered price!
380 PLAN SEA $162,900

You will NOT find a cleaner, more cared for 380 on the market.

To read the listing details of this beautiful IP 380, please click here:


hayden thanked Marko Markovich in topic 1995 IP 37 For Sale 2 weeks ago
hayden replied to the topic 'IP 27 sailors' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

It is best to post your question into this FORUM and ask it straight up. Many IP owners may be able to help you.
What's up?.


Rico created a new topic ' IP 27 sailors' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

Reaching out to IP27 sailors, need advice and have a few questions


Chess and Karen Harris has liked a Video 3 weeks ago

mobjack sail

A beautiful day and showing off Contented Turtle's newly redone teak!

Pete Ashby post a new ad IP-45 4 weeks ago

NEW PRICE $195,000.00 If you are seriously considering a 45 foot boat, you need to consider Paige[...]

Joel Duncan replied to the topic 'Plumbing' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

If you look at the schematics for the UP 29 I believe it shows the head water supply is tues in to the raw water intake for the engine.


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