companionway security, revisited.

Thursday - September 6, 2007Views: 5703
After a break in I wanted to beef up the security of the stock companionway latch, part of which is held on by two small screws going into teak. A good kick to the companionway slide or a pair of channel-locks would defeat that in a second. I wanted something that was secure, and that LOOKED secure, since nothing is going to deter a thief with a crowbar and a strong desire to get in. But if it was strong and looked impressive, then maybe deterrence would win the day. So I built the two-eyebolt w/pin shown in the last photo but didn't like it from the beginning. Too crude. Finally I found a good stainless steel hasp that fit, can be through-bolted, and looks solid without being too ugly. I found it at It's an Abus 140/120, 4 3/4 inches long. It's designed for their Diskus hacksaw resistant padlocks and will take a very large padlock if you want to really make it look secure. It fit with no modifications needed other than new mounting holes. I used SS #10 screws 1 1/2 long in the companionway slide and 1 1/4 long in the companionway board, along with a through bolt. It ain't going nowhere.
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