Companion way security, revisited.

Tuesday - April 3, 2007Views: 787
After a break-in I wanted to beef up the security factor. I realize you can't keep a determined thief out who has a crowbar, but I wanted to make it more difficult for a thief with a screwdriver. The factory latch is held on with two small screws going into teak. A twist with a pair of channel-locks or a screwdriver would be sufficient to pop that off, as would a good kick to the companionway slide. If nothing else I wanted to make it look more secure, so that a casual thief might move on to the next boat. So I installed two stainless 3/8 forged eyebolts, as in the picture. Decided that was too crude looking and I didn't like having to keep track of a pin. So I found a stainless steel hasp that's just like the factory one but
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