Cabin light switch and miscellaneous improvements

Sunday - November 20, 2005Views: 7608
Radio Shack carries a drop in replacement for the cabin light slide switch so you can replace those switches you have to jiggle to get to work with a new one. Use needle nose pliers to remove the clip and solder in the new switch, Radio Shack # 275-401 slide switch. This switch works great mounted in the side when adding red LEDs as described by John Knight.

Access to the vast storage under the front bed is difficult, so we sewed 2 inch webbing to d-rings and attached s-hooks. The webbing is screwed to the platform next to the wall. Now one person can lift the mattress, attach the s-hooks to the window hardware, and get into the compartments below.

I wanted a nav table light but I didn't want to pay $80 for one. Noticed these at Lowes, and I noticed they use a standard 12 volt halogen bulb available in several wattages. I threw away the 110 to 12v transformer that came with the light and wired it direct.

I also built some shelves in aft cabin as hanging storage is not something we're going to need much of.
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