BVI 1469 2005 #5

Sunday - January 1, 2006Views: 2074
Petey and Jimmy had to leave, and so Reiner and I, to overcome our sadness, checked the wx forecast for the next day, which was unusually calm, hauled the dinghy on deck, and motor sailed ESE about 78nm to arrive at Marigot Bay, St Martin, nicely in time for dinner.

A couple of days later we enjoyed an excellent Thanksgiving dinner on the quay around the inner harbor, and had an interesting stroll through town. We then had a decision to make: should we swim back to LA anchored out in the bay? - it was only about 200 yards, and no problem in daylight. But now it was dark, very dark, we were pretty well oiled, and Reiner was hopping mad. This because some "#$*&****@#* frog-speaking ^&*&**$$#***##"!" as he put it, had stolen our chained up dinghy from the dock.

I nixed the swim, mainly because I was sober enough to discern that my resident lifeguard and crewman was in no shape to rescue anyone, and also because I was trying not to laugh too much. Fact is, against my broker's advice, I had spent $400 to insure the dinghy!

Luckily, along the way about three hundred yards (on the main dock where we of course should have tied up our dinghy) one of the three dinghies remaining ashore was just loading: we gave them a shout and they very kindly gave us a ride back to LA.

By noon or so next day, after some determined actions, six boat yards, and bartering, we were back in business with an ok used roll-up dinghy and a 2hp putputter that would do for now.

I visited three different police stations before I found the right one - no kidding! I made my report, and had a pleasant French practice with the young lady gendarme who was from Versailles and knew my old stomping grounds: so then I made my move...

..and offered $300 cold cash reward for return of dinghy and motor, getting out three bills just to underline the offer! The flics zoomed off in every direction (I swear I saw Inspecteur Clouseau luimeme at the wheel of one police
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