B&G autopilot install

Tuesday - September 4, 2007Views: 8431
Lots of work to install but it's as good as another crewmember and doesn't need a place to sleep. The tiller arm set-screw bolts are drilled and tapped into the rudder stock, which was darn near impossible. Working in the confines of the waterheater compartment and trying to be a human drill press was no fun. The stainless steel plate below the ram is to keep the bolts from working in the plywood and elongating the holes. The shelf is 3/4 marine grade plywood covered with multiple coats of epoxy and many layers of cloth bonding it to the hull, which was stripped of paint beforehand. I "think" the installation is pretty much bulletproof, if anything fails I suspect it will be electronics. It's tied to a Lowrance 5300C GPS at the helm along with a completely new B&G system, wind, speed, and depth. This is gonna be soooo cool...
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