Andromeda's Arch

Wednesday - April 30, 2008Views: 6261
Here are photos depicting Andromeda's arch which I installed upon acquiring her. Andromeda had a perfectly good pair of davits, but my prior experience w/ the Well's arch motivated me to replace them with the arch. The following are a list of comments which I hope are useful:
1.) Note the position of the feet of the arch. I rotated the stern cleats 180 degrees forward to provide clearance around the cleat, and placement of the rear foot over the old back bolt hole of the factory cleat installation. You must pay attention to the deck underside architecture to insure you can thrubolt a backing plate.
2.) My stern seats are useable, but tight.
3.) I retained the backstay radar mount to minimize shading of Andromeda's 3 Kyocera 130 watt solar panels.
4.) The davit lift lines are routed to Andromeda's electric primaries.
5.) Andromeda has a swim platform which is essential for easy deployment of the dinghy,
boarding, unloading, or mounting/dismounting of her 15 hp Yamaha O/B.
6.) A pair of adjustable "spreader lights" are mounted on the underside of the arch. These lights are great for illumination and are controlled remotely w/ a key fob (from Sailor Solutions.
7.) On the port corner resides Andromeda's FX27 stern hook.
8.) On the starboard corner resides Andromeda's MOB pole.
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