Adding Golf Cart Batteries

Friday - December 14, 2007Views: 6831
In preparing "Dancing Penguin," a 38' IP for a customer, I determined the house bank was anemic with only one 8D (220 Ah and one gp 24 (80 Ah) batteries (total 300 Ah). We replaced these with 6 wet cell golf cart battries giving a total Ah for the house bank of 66o AH. I replaced the starting battries for the engine and generator with new 1000 Ah maintenance free batteries. The boat has 3 battery selector switches, all wired to "run in one), which simply means that all 3 banks are isolated in the "1" position, and can be paralled in the "Both," position. In order accomodate the additonal height of the gold cart batteries in the main saloon, the battery compartment covers were eliminated, and a think piece of varnished plywood was cut to lay over the top.
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