Adding A/C

Tuesday - April 3, 2007Views: 6847
We added a one year old MarineAir 12,000 btu unit. It was a take-out from a charter boat and we got a super deal. The unit installed in the back of the settee with a little cutting to make the opening bigger. To get return air I cut out a piece of cabinetwork in the area behind the sink so that the return air flows through the louvers on the below-sink doors to behind the settee. With the vent in the front cabin we get circulation everywhere except the aft cabin.

Cooling water was tapped from the 3/4 line going to the front head and the drain was tapped into the kitchen sink drain. I added a circuit breaker for power and built the outlet vent from a wooden picture frame I cut down and some gutter screen for a grate. The ductwork is behind the settee and up inside the storage compartment where it attaches to vent.

Notice the shut-off valve in the water line. Without that the engine can pull air backwards through the A/C pump and overheat.

12,000 btu cools the forward cabin and the main cabin very well here in Tennessee, even on 90+ degree days, but we'll see how well it does in the tropics. We lost some storage space but gained a nice luxury.

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