A Few Cockpit Ideas

Sunday - July 25, 2010Views: 5862
Two years ago we had new cockpit cushions made and tried a few new ideas. One- used white mesh vice the standard IP tan: two- rolled the foot well edge vice the standard piping (easier to fabricate and slight increase in comfort); three- used the heavier mesh to better protect the foam (the old foam and piping were degrading but the mesh was still in pretty good shape); four- used white foam vice the ensolite because of the white mesh; and five- used Sunbrella vice the vinyl for the navy piping. The only issue so far is that the white shows some mildew issues not obvious with the tan (bet Bob Johnson had already figured that one out) but cleans up easily and shoe prints have not been a big issue because again the mesh is pretty easy to clean. We will see how it all works out with an big oily BP flip flop print and other problems that may surface with more time. But so far so good. The other pictures are of a few cockpit mods that have proven useful. The storage bag on the stbd lazarette lid is mounted on a piece of mahogany that was epoxied to the lid. The lids were getting pretty grimy so I just repainted both of them when I finished. I also relocated the engine shut off several years ago to free up a place for engine temperature gauge. The SS termination cover is a standard Telflex part which I think came from West Marine.

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