(SOLD) Fortess FX-23 Anchor for Sale

Saturday - September 2, 2006Views: 11579
I have a Fortress FX-23 anchor and 120 feet of 3/4" rode for sale at 20% off list. This anchor came with the boat when we bought it, IP35-165, Island Spirit, and we have never used it. We use a bruce with all chain. The Anchor specs can be reviewed in the 2006 West Catalog pg 590 listing at $284.96. The Rode is on page 604 listing at 250 feet for $330.00, we have 125' valued at $165.00. List price for all of this would be $449.00, we would like to sell it at 20% off list for a sale price of $359.00 for the anchor AND the rode. Please inquire at [email protected]

Thank you, Hayden Cochran, IP35-165 owner
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