Replacing the bowsprit on an IP26

Wednesday - June 6, 2018Views: 671
Overhaul in June 2018 revealed inner wood core of the bowsprit was saturated/soaked/dripping with water. Removed bottom FG panel to expose wood and reveal rot. Sprit is held by 4 thru-deck bolts (nuts in the anchor locker) and 5200. Remove bolts and break the 5200 bond by digging out the 5200 at the nose of the boat under the sprit and using a hammer-knife (heavy-duty flat putty knife with a metal head) to separate the sprit from the deck. Removing the bowsprit intact allows replacing the wood (3" thick marine ply), cleaning up the FG sprit shell, and then reattaching to the deck without any custom FG or woodwork.
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