Lewmar Hatch Cover Repair

Monday - April 24, 2017Views: 1009Taken at Marsh Harbor, Abacos
On our current trip to the Abacos I discovered a small leak above the forward berth compartment right underneath the right-hand latch handle.

At first I though it wss associated with the gasket, but on closer examination it was actually coming from the center of the pop rivet that holds the latching block to the frame of the hatch. Examinig the remaining three pop rivets that hol these latching blocks to the frame revealed that they were also in the process of deteriorating as well.

Fortunately we were in Marsh Harbor at teh time and were able to obtain all the necessary pop rivets and pop rivet gun from Standard Hardware there. Excellent hardware store. And the good news is we only spent about $15 for these items. While we accomplishing this repair we disassembled the hatch folding mechanism, since its pop rivets also need replacement, and cleaned and lubricated it before we reassembled it to the hatch window.

As to why these pop rivers failed I believe that since it the forward most hatch near the bow of the boat it is possibly getting more exposure to salt from sea spray and over 20 years now it finally decided to give way. The remainiing hatch cover rivets on our boat all look good and are sealed. Takes about 3hours to complete this repair. You will have to disassemble the folding mechanism to remove and reattached it to the lower swivel brackets that are pop riveted to the frame.
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