Windlass IP29

Monday - May 30, 2016Views: 713
Added 3/4" board covered with fiberglass and cloth to extend anchor locker divider. Then epoxied the board in place. Made a small almond color starboard cover for chain / windlass to keep out bees, spiders and water. Windlass motor was coated with CRC heavy duty anti corrosion spray. I also cut a blue plastic bucket in half and put it around motor with a wire tie to protect from chain, mud and water. There are remote controls on the foredeck, under deck by chain locker, and in cockpit by the wheel. I have a 33lb rocna with 175' of 5/16 ht and 60' 5/8 8platte with ss eye on end for adding more rode if needed as primary anchor, 33lb Bruce with 25' 5/16 ht and 250' 5/8 8platte. Loran's Kobra is mounted on 1/2" almond starboard, with 1/2" G10 fiberglass backing platte. I had limited for deck space and this seems to fit and function well.
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