Winter projects

Tuesday - January 29, 2008Views: 5654
It's too cold outside to do much so I built a new refrigerator lid. The old bi-fold one just gets in the way so the new one is one piece and hinges back for full access to the fridge. I couldn't find any teak veneer that was wide enough and I really wanted something tougher than veneer so I bought a piece of 7/8 teak board, cut it in half with a bandsaw, planed it to 1/4, and glued it to a piece of 1/4 inch marine plywood for a total thickness of 1/2 inch. A 3/4 inch wide Walnut burl edge sets it off, along with a gold-leaf decal of a compass rose. It's covered with GoldSpar Satin #60 polyurethane varnish, same as the rest of the interior. Three pieces of 1/2 foamboard w/foil are glued on for insulation and cut to _just_ fit, then wrapped in metal tape.

Normally I can barely nail two two-by-fours together but with a skilled friend's help (Thanks David!) and use of his shop this turned out great.

The companionway window was made by the guy making the new dodger/bimini, I designed it and he made it. Fits just to edges so you can open the companionway without removing it. It basically just hangs there on twist-locs. Keeps the heat and/or a/c in, but allows easy in and out access. Also made one of Phifertex for privacy with airflow.

The engine room insulation is used two sheets of WM material. Used Liquid Nails to glue it, along with some screws, and I put the new insulation right over the top of the factory insulation. Took some time but worth it.
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