Why Knot Dis-Masting

Saturday - August 14, 2010Views: 5746
Here are a few photos of the remaining chainplates. All had cracks in them.

The really disappointing thing about all of this is Island Packet hasn't offered to help us. We have talked to them on several occasions and no offer of help.

I did receive an email concerning the chainplates on the IP 37's. The email was sent to a friend and forwarded to me, it was a response from Bill Bolin. I have to admit I was upset at the response.

Here is an excerpt from that email:

"There was a recent dismasting of an Island Packet 37 in the Gulf of Mexico. The yacht was 15 years old and had an older style chainplate than that used on the IP370 you are looking at. The longevity of the chainplates has a lot to do with maintenance and usage. Obviously a yacht not very well maintained and sailed "hard" is more likely to have equipment issues than a well cared for yacht lightly sailed. We don't know enough about the current incident to give you much feedback on this particular case, but we have had very few problems (less than one percent) with our chainplate design and construction. "

First, I wasn't aware that ANOTHER IP 37 had lost their mast roughly the same time our chainplates failed and we lost our mast.

My understanding of this email from Bill Bolin is he is saying that "we" did not maintain our boat and were "sailing it hard". Therefore the chainplates failed. (If I am wrong please Mr. Bolin correct me.)

We can verify that we have maintained our boat not only by the suggested maintenance scheduled in the owners manual but above and beyond. We are also very careful sailors.

Our chainplates ALL were corroded and had fractures in them. If this wasn't an IP 37 problem, then why have so many of these boats had chainplates that have corroded/broken and failed?

I am also sure that there are several other models of IP's that have experienced the same problem with their chainplates. Why are so many boats having or have had the SAME problem? Have all of these owners not maintained their boats and/or have they ALL "sailed their boats hard"? I don't believe that is the case.
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