Storage Adjustment Ideas

Sunday - July 25, 2010Views: 4497
The storage on an IP is rather remarkable but a little customization can sometimes help. Originally under the aft berth on the 32 was a small drawer which just messed up a good storage space. There was top access, but just not fond of tossing a bunk set up to get to a can of corn. I replaced the drawer with a door and frame, Added a partition to keep every thing from rolling down to the bottom, and lined the space with 1/2" Ensolite foam. This is our can pantry, low and dry in the boat. I am astounded how much stuff we can get into that space and I have never heard anything rolling around in a seaway.

We call the area in the bilge the Forward Torpedo Room. Lots of two liter Cokes and other refreshments. The wooden frame is to protect the speed xducer and connects to the Dry Deck with some nylon cable ties.

In the rear shaft gallery I added a plywood floor and some more Ensolite. It just sits in the space and is easily removed if I need to get to the shaft packing.

On a cruising yacht you can't have too much liquid refreshment storage, although the 2 liter Cokes get a little flat after two months of banging about.

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