staysail boom removal

Sunday - September 10, 2006Views: 7653
I hadn't planned on removing the staysail boom, but I added a staysail roller furler and when I was trying on some sails I decided to play with it. The first couple of things I tried didn't work, like the other people who have tried it my sail shape was lousy. Then I attached the double block to the clew and, as far as I can tell, my sail shape is the same as with the boom. I have not had a chance to test it in heavy wind. Some potential problems that I see are: the double block is now loose and if the sail is flogging it would make a dangerous object, I can't put several wraps of line around the staysail when I roll it up, and the block may chafe the sailcover. However, the boom is also loose and dangerous when the sail is flogging and it's a lot bigger, the staysail is low enough to go up and tie a few wraps around it by hand when needed, and a piece of leather sewn in place would prevent chafe. Now my deck is clear, I can open the hatches, and I can put my dingy on deck. So far, the tradeoffs seem to be positive.

Late note: This can be simplified even further by replacing the double block with a single (and lighter) block. The line runs up from the port block, through the single block on the clew, and back down to the starboard block which is now a simple attachment point.
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