Solar Panel Installation

Thursday - May 20, 2010Views: 4858
We added a Kyocera 135 Solar Panel obtained from Hotwire to the top of the KATO Davit Spreader Bar. KATO welded on another piece of 1" stainless to the top of the Davit Spreader Bar raked aft at an angle of 7 degrees. The Solar Panel was mounted to this Davit Speader Bar using three (3) aluminum mounting bars obtained from Hotwire and Helm HR-200 Rail Clamps.

A Blue Sky Solar Boost 2512i(X) Controller is mounted to a stainless steel bracket which is located behind the B&G hydraulic piston for the rudder on the aft shelf located in the starboard lazerette. The enclosure for the Solar Boost 2512i (X) was obtained from the altE Store.

A Blue Sky IPN Remote obtained from Hotwire is housed within the port-side Navigation station Auxillary panel.

Miscellaneous wire, feedthrough, fuse and electrical connectors were obtained from the altE Store and Peter Kennedy Yacht Services.
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