Rigid Vang Set Up

Sunday - July 25, 2010Views: 4063
After five years and a few thousand miles the Garhauer rigid vang installation has proven its worth and convenience. I attached the first turning block at the base of the vang by drilling an additional hole in the support tang, the second turning block is attached to the base of the molded in hand rail boss. Because of the high purchase ratio the forces in the control line are not great but in keeping with the IP battle tank mentality I drilled two over sized holes for the strap, injected a filled epoxy paste into the boss, and after it cured drilled and tapped for the two #10 machine screws that hold the SS strap. Not as good as the standard IP aluminum backing plate but adequate I think. Added a fairlead along the hand hold as in the staysail, and cam cleats in the after end of the cabin top for adjustments.

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