Replacing the hatch slides

Friday - June 2, 2006Views: 6054
The old ones were brittle and falling into pieces. New Delrin plastic is from IP, although any plastic supplier might have it. To remove the hood loosen the big screws in the traveler to deck supports with an impact driver and WD40. No need to remove the ones in the hood. Remove the small screws around the edge of the hood. After removing and cleaning, cut new slides to length, carefully mark hole locations and drill. I used an old section for a guide. Use a larger drillbit to countersink holes very carefully, the drill will want to suck right into the soft plastic. A drillpress would be useful. I just turned my drill to low speed and was careful. Make the screw holes a tiny bit oversize to allow for thermal expansion and contraction of the plastic and don't tighten the screws very tight or it will eventally split there. Position slides and mark notches for the dropboard slot and cut with hacksaw. Put the new plastic slides through the hatch and set into position. With the hatch slid all the way rearward, seal under the forward section and install the front screws. Slide the hatch forward and work the slides out of the hatch slots, raise the hatch and block up. This gives you access to the screws near the center. Install it and work the slides back into the hatch slot, push it forward and seal and install screws. File the dropboard notches smooth so that the dropboards don't catch the plastic when you lift them out. Seal and reinstall hood. Install the traveler bolts using anticorrosion paste just in case you have to do this again in 18 years. It's done!
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