No more strained back!

Tuesday - April 3, 2007Views: 7569
After two years of looking I finally decided on a windlass. An IP38 has limited room for a horizontal mounted motor as found on most vertical windlass's and I just didn't like the looks of any of the above-deck horizontals. So I decided on a Lewmar Sprint 1500 vertical that happens to have a vertical motor configuration. WM also just happened to be clearing them out so the price was right. It did require a big hole in the deck but once I got past that it was a straightforward install. A piece of teak cut and planed to fit makes a flush mounting surface. I found 1/0 cables on Ebay at a good price and did the ends myself. The circuit breaker/switch is mounted under the forward bed because of the cable run. I also added a LED below the breaker to let me know when the windlass is powered. The cables in the anchor compartment are run through pvc pipe to protect them from the chain.

A board extends the divider so that the chain falls on the right side and after the photos were taken I installed a heavy piece of sewer pipe around the windlass motor so that the chain can't rub on it. I also installed a piece of wood covered with starboard to shoot the chain backwards. Two footswitches from Quick at 1/3 the price of WM finished the job. It sure is sweet to see that big anchor come up out of the water with no effort on my part!

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