No more sail ties

Tuesday - July 31, 2007Views: 4999
One of these days we may go to a Stak-Pack type of mainsail handling system, but for now I just wanted a simple way to drop the sail. The easier it is the more we'll sail. So I built a lazyjack system using a combination of a couple of styles I found online and added a spyder under the boom. A spyder is a bungeecord arrangement with hooks that stays out of the way until you need it and holds the sail without having to chase down those annoying sail ties. The system works very well, although I think I'll put small blocks on the lazyjacks in place of the rings so they tighten up more evenly. I used two pieces of bungeecord the length of the boom, three nylon hooks, and four eyelets attached to the bottom of the boom with #10 screws. The eyelets are 4 feet apart.

The lazyjacks are 1/4 line, and I installed hooks on the boom using existing holes and a couple of cleats on the mast to secure them. Under sail the bungee and the lazyjacks are all under the boom, out of the way.
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