New home for batteries

Tuesday - May 23, 2006Views: 1537
I cut a larger hole for access to the compartment under the front starboard settee. Cut with circular saw. Epoxied in epoxy/glass coated 3/4" plywood to make compartment watertight in case of battery leakage. Board supported by 2X2's bolted to sides of compartment with SS bolts. Added 3 inch holes with feed line underneath for future wiring below compartment before I installed board. Cut 3 inch hole in top of compartment side for cables. Now there's room for six Trojan T-125's with a total capacity of 720 amphours! I will only use four. For now. The original battery compartment will get cleaned up and used for storage. Optima engine start battery moved to compartment under aft bed, charged through ACR relay. Batteries completely isolated now, no more 1-2-all switch worries. Both battery charger outputs go to house bank. Large hole cutout gives good access for maintenance. No dedicated vent, but the factory position didn't have one either. I may add one if I can figure out a good way to do it.
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