Navigation table seat

Friday - October 31, 2008Views: 5694
After building a 12v boat computer we wanted a comfortable place to sit and use it to write, navigate and do some video editing. The nav station is ok but needed a seat back. My first idea, to bolt a fishing chair there, was vetoed by the Admiral. So I designed and built a seat back that is removable. The back itself is 3/4 plywood, covered with foam and upholstered. The tricky part was the mount. The stainless tubes fit perfectly into pvc pipe, which is epoxied into the hollow space below. It's solid enough to use as a grab while underway. I used stiff foam, (pool noodles) cut with an electric carving knife, to make a dam inside the hollow area, which I reached from underneath via the floorboard. The tubes, capped at the bottom and with a 1/4 inch stainless bolt through the bottom to prevent the tubes from sliding down were then epoxied in with a couple of pints of epoxy through another hole. There is about 4 inches of epoxy holding the tubes. The whole thing slides up and out, leaving the cushion as it was. Now you can sit and type for hours!
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