Fuel Bladder

Sunday - August 1, 2010Views: 4849
Sometimes I find the 32 a little short on fuel supply and I have a real dislike for messing with Jerry Jugs on deck. A few years ago I added a bladder tank under the rear berth area. Most install a bladder in the bilge, but CBREEZE has a centerboard trunk in that space. The bladder is 14 gal. but it is in a 10 gallon space. The extra 10 is enough for most of our cruising. Because the bladder is elevated above the main tank no pump is necessary, I just open the isolation valve and gravity will relocate the fuel in about 20 minutes. To pipe in the fill I used the old holding tank pump out location (the holding tank lines were relocated earlier) and ran the fill hose aft. Because the fill hose has a dip in the run I added a vent (else you quickly end up with a tank of air). To vent the tank, I just ran the second vent line back beside the main tank vent. Was a little more work and cost vice the jugs but a clear winner IMHO.

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