First 'Official' IP Minivous 2006

Tuesday - January 31, 2006Views: 5979
Larking About was first to arrive at the Prickly Pear IP40 Rendezvous of January 2006.

No sooner was the hook down and the Dark and Stormies concoction flowing, when ...surprise! 'Surprise' sidled up - for a third time! - and dropped her anchor 300 feet aft. This was of course not planned - at least by Larking About. (JFK has yet to find the homing device that Tom and Linda evidently planted somewhere in the bilges of Larking About - tricky fellows, these ex-airline pilots!) Not to be left out, next day Kim and Sandra on Kewaydin moved half a mile West to find better shelter from the winter Trades, and dropped her hook 200 feet on larking About's port bow. So there we were, three IP 40's basking in the sun and the breeze together at 18.30.20N 64.22.20W (give or take a second.)

This was a serendipitous moment not to be left unrecorded. Jumping in his (still upright) dinghy, JFK recorded the event, and wants to know: is this a first? Three IP's of any marque at anchor together in Gorda Sound? Not to mention that they just happened to be three of the best boats IP ever made? Ok Ok, so the 27 is cute,, and the 35 is salty, and the 485 is cavernous, but still...the 40 is the Britannia of the fleet: she rules the waves!

Fat Hog's Bay Tortola BVI 31 Jan 2006

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