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We are Hayden and Radeen, longtime Island Packet sailors. We have been building and managing Island Packet Fleet websites since 1995. We first became IP sailors in 1986 when we chartered an IP 38 for a month on the Chesapeake Bay. Every summer from 1986-1991 we chartered Island Packet yachts out of Rock Hall, Maryland from Gratitude Yachting Center. In 1991 we bought IP27-#058 CINNAMON and for the next ten summers, we sailed and discovered the Chesapeake Bay from the C&D canal to Portsmouth, VA. In 2001 we sold CINNAMON and bought our IP35-#165 ISLAND SPIRIT. Beginning in 2001 we sailed from the Chesapeake to New England for the next ten summers. In 2011, we took early retirement from our 34+ years of public school teaching and set sail fulltime. We now have sailed from Maine to Key West several times and have spent seven winters in the Abacos and Exumas, Bahamas. In 2017 we challenged ourselves and sailed the Thorny Path down to the Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Now, after our Mack Sails rebuild from Hurricane Maria damages, we are heading back to the Caribbean Sea in 2018. We have plans to cruise the Eastern Caribbean for 2 years and then the western Caribbean for 2 years. We love sailing our Island Packet and truly enjoy supporting the fleet by helping the IP World Fleet communicate, connect and share.

It was during all these years that we have built and managed several Island Packet Yacht web site projects. We are NOT paid by the factory or by any companies. We do this out of our own funds and via the donations received from the fleet and from sales of annual calendars and licensed IP gear at I also fund these expenses with the small profits I make from helping several small companies with their websites and domain names. I use these profits to pay for the expenses related to the Island Packet Fleet websites, such as server storage costs and subscription web services.

If you would like to help fund IPYOA and IPphotos, we would really appreciate a small contribution via our PayPal donate button. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Here is a list of Expenses I pay every year to Run IPYOA:

  1.  $600.00/yr for the server I have a "reseller account to help pay for IPYOA along with speed boost to speed up the site 
  2.  $300/yr for the photo sharing app
  3.  $100./yr for the document library
  4.  $100/yr for the template
  5.   $50/yr for the RSS feeder app:
  6.   $100/yr for the Ads manager app:
  7.   $5/month $60/year for the SSL certificate to serve the site securely, this encrypts all transmissions 
  8. $5/month for Cloud Flare security proxy.
  9.   $1,000 / year to my PhP programmer and coding expert to help with upgrades and glitches.

TOTAL Cost I pay every year = $,$$$...don't add it up, it just rolls onto my Amex and I pay for it, and have since 1998!

I also hire out my UK/London PHP programmer multiple times a year to help me out with glitches and upgrades. When I moved IPphotos into IPYOA,  I paid him over $5,000 for that one task!

So, any donation you can send my way will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Here is a list of IP projects we have helped with:

  • Gratitude Yachting Website, IP Bermuda High Rally
  • The Maryland School of Sailing domain names and website
  • Rock Hall Fleet website, used to organize the Rock Hall Rendezvous
  • Rock Hall Rendezvous Monday wrap up meetings 1997-98 talking about our websites inspired Stuart to create IPhomeport! Yup, he got the idea from me.
  • Rock Hall Fleet of IP blogs and cruising emails. Owners shared their cruising adventures
  • IPmail Server, when SailNet dropped it, we set up a new IPmail server on IPphotos and Bruce G., our expert. runs it (now on his server)
  • Island Packet Photos website, collected and organized 17,500 owner-shared photos of IP modifications and installations
  • Island Packet Yacht Owners Association,
  • Imported 17,500 IPphotos into IPYOA. Hired a UK programmer to code this merger at a $5,000 cost to me!
  • Facebook Group: IPYOA for owners to connect, communicate and share
  • The IPYOA calendar which I create every year. This takes me 3 days and about 30 hours of work. I make $5/calendar. I sell 70-80 calendars a year netting me about $400 for my 30 hours of work! 
  • And....a few NEW websites under construction right now for even more IPY services for the fleet

Radeen and I hope you all have enjoyed the services we have created. We hope you have shared your IPY ownership, and we hope this has helped solve issues with your IP by asking for help via one of these many services.

At the present time, it has been my goal to combine and merge IPYOA with IPhomeport. A proposal has been made and eventually, this is the best outcome to service the fleet of owners. For now, we have all the fleet resources linked up on our top menu. From this one site, you can easily monitor and manage all the Island Packet Fleet resources. Enjoy the connection, enjoy the sharing, and enjoy the fleet.


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