The Yanmar 3Gm30F inboard marine diesel Runs perfect. I have a video cold starting and running the engine on YouTube if you’re interested. It is sitting on a new motor mounts, new packing in the shaft seal, and the shaft has been aligned, then re-aligned after the new motor mounts settled in. The prop was tuned. The fuel tank removed and cleaned by me, paying particular attention since we sail offshore, and new fuel filter system installed. The wiring, including engine harness, charging system, lights, radio, helm, water pump etc. has been replaced with marine grade wire, tin- coated copper terminals with careful attention to gauge, connections, voltage drop. The teak is No maintenance natural. The interior is still stunningly beautiful. Island packet Interiors are high-quality, the teak is solid and heavy including the corner trim. And it is not varnished or finished. It is hand rubbed oil. No varnish or polyethylene to get sticky old and ugly. The rigging is in good completely usable no maintenance needed condition. The lifelines have been replaced and are new. The stanchions are solid and stable and again island packets have no wooden core to get soft and rotten. The mainsail is only three seasons old, fully battened , matched to the boat, handmade in Cocoa Florida by a local sail loft, and is like new. It is on a new strong track with lazy jacks so it raises and lowers easily from the boom. The head sail is in good to very good condition. It is on a furler. It does not need replacing. The sail loft also installed a jib boom/whisker pole on the mast. The lazy jacks were also sewn and installed at that time and there is no loose seams or rotten fabric. The zippers on everything are still in like new condition. The dodger is three seasons old, built at the same time the new sail was made, has no rot or loose stitches,and will serve you for many more years. the isinglass is clear There is a small awning. The interior is still very beautiful. I remove the troublesome Marine head with the small holding tank and we have successfully lived aboard with a composting toilet for several years. Holding tanks and hoses are removed, you have much more space, no stink, no maintenance. Although island packet 31s have a shower in the head. The galley a set up amazingly well for a 31 footer, has a two burner stove and the oven that makes excellent biscuits and Thanksgiving turkeys. She has a large double stainless steel sink. The interior is incredible. But the floor does need to be refinished. The boat is solid with no rot, there is no deck or hull core to rot, the interior is completely dry with no rot anywhere. Hull is glossy but the top side gellcoat is somewhat tired from years in our southern sun it still looks more than decent. It cleans well and is certainly not an embarrassment at all. The wiring and computer are still installed for the smart pilot. The solar panels have been removed for better sailing, but he charge controller “midnight kid” (top line) is still mounted and wired. The framework is available and I can install that back if you purchase the boat. She has a top line Pro Nautic 12.40P shore charger with three large military grade lifeline AGM batteries that are in excellent condition. These are monitored with a Balmar Smart Gage I upgraded the alternator to 120 amp, with pulleys and serpentine belt instead of the dusty squeaky old V-belt. It also has Belmar smart charge controller for controlling the output of that monster alternator. There are tons of other things that have been replaced, for example the cables that control the throttle, the throttle lever system housing itself, The transmission cable, the hoses and belts on the engine, beautiful Edson housing for the electronics at the helm, the mast spreader deck lights and anchor lights have been upgraded to LED, All exterior lights work, all interior lights were upgraded with additional high quality marine gradeinterior lights added, they have three colors; white that is dimmable red and blue. . We usually put a window air-conditioner in a hatch board which works much better than I ever imagined. You can sail with it in place if you’re inshore, it goes into the quarter birth offshore. It will run with a Honda I2000 anywhere in the world. 12V Refrigerator freezer. There are no hull issues. Island packets are tanks, and the full length modified keel is designed for running aground. The hull has never been repaired, no collisions, no sinking’s, no storms, no dismastings, no surprises. new 2015 Tohatsu 4 hp outboard. It is very light to carry, new secondary fuel filter housing and fuel pump, Edison Rail-mounted outboard dinghy motor mount, stern mounted davits, she is set up for rear anchor (but I Gave the anchor and rode to Poseidon when I was using it on my dinghy m recently), recent fresh water pump wired in for a quick replacement, additional lights under the galley sink and some of the lockers, painted the insides of the galley sink cabinet porch paint hard as rock white because it was always dark in there and my wife couldn’t see to find things. A stray current galvanic isolator installed and all green wires for the bonding system connections remade She really is set up quite well. I’m a sailor, you’re a sailor and I want to be completely transparent. I’m going to get another sailboat in a couple of years and we will meet out there somewhere. So in that spirit, like I say the top sides look dull and she needs some attention here in there. And I’ve been wanting to replace the Jibsheet wenches for years, they seem a bit sticky to me. Maybe a good tearing down and cleaning. But they still work OK. She needs a Bimini. Installing a built-in air conditioner would be a great upgrade and there is plenty of room for it and the thru-hull is already there. The anti-fouling bottom paint has been on for three years, she will have to be pulled this season and Anti-fouling paint applied. (This hull has no blisters, or at least it didn’t three years ago. Zero). I’m pretty sure this is a great price on an island packet 31, and also sure you’re not going to run into some major expensive surprise. A well built classic Boat at a great price.



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