IP35 Stern Tube & Stuffing Box replaced

Saturday - June 18, 2022Views: 828
We decided to replace the stern tube and the stuffing box because all are a 1994 and it is 2022. Since we wanted to replace the stuffing box this requires removing the stern tube so why not replace it all. The crazy hard part of this job was removing the transmission shaft coupler off the prop shaft. Ita is easy to unbolt the shaft from the transmission, BUT, it is nearly impossible to push the shaft coupler off the prop shaft.

The trick we have used before is to separate the coupler and then place a socket in between the two coupler plates. Now tighten up the couplers pushing then socket into the shaft coupler which will push the shaft out of the coupler....

YEA RIGHT. It will bust your socket and if you are lucky it will move the coupler 1/8" and bust it free. NOW, you need to slide the prop shaft aft into the bilge area where you can hit it with the biggest hammer you have. After about 50 hits and with your crew spinning the shaft the coupler will come off the prop shaft.

NOTE: To prevent this heavy item from dropping into the bilge, tie a line thru one of the boat holes so you can lift the coupler up after it flies off the end. the yard mechanics say they take a grinder and cut these off. We spent 2-3 hours working to get this coupler off the shaft.

This job I will rate as an 8.5 of 10 as it is very difficult. Lucky for us, we have only every had to do this twice in 21 years. So, if you think you want a new stuffing box I advise you to hire out this job to a yard that has done this.

Here are some photos....
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