IP37 Stern Tube and Cutlass Bearing Replacement

Saturday - June 4Views: 176
Initially I had thought of dropping the rudder before removal of the stern tube. After much discussion with Hayden (thanks Hayden), I decided not to drop the rudder, but, instead pull the stern tube out. Got the cutlass bearing pushed out by engineering shop. He told me by the condition of the metal it was at least 8 or 9 years old. He checked the inside of tube to ensure it met the specs for the replacement bearing and made a 1/4 inch 316 Stainless threaded backing plate. I reinstalled and left the cutlass bearing 3/8" proud for future removal. To install the cutlass into the stern tube freeze the bearing for a day in the freezer and it is easy to install with light taps with a deadblow.
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