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Sunday - October 25, 2015Views: 933
Here are some photos from 2008, when I was living aboard Island Spirit and I built this website. Re-build #4 and #5 happened in Vero Beach, FL during a 48hr marathon where I slept very little. I built all of this via my mobile broadband Verizon card from the boat and from the Vero Public Library. We would work in the library from 10am to 4pm then return to the boat, go for a bike ride, and then after dinner work on this site well into the night. I would go to sleep, then wake up and continue working at 2 am till breakfast. This was a fun project because I knew exactly what I wanted to build but at the same time I was learning a brand new CMS, Content Management System called JOOMLA. Now, it is 2010 and I am still learning and adding features to this ultimate Island Packet Owner sharing web site.

Enjoy the site...
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