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My wife (Captain Joyce) and I have closed on our 1989 IP31 today in Rock Hall. We are very happy to have found a strong community where we can turn... Show more

Art Rowley created a new topic ' Replacing head discharge hoses on IP 350' in the forum. 3 hours 46 minutes ago

I have an IP 350 #3, and the waste hoses need to be replaced due to strong odor. They are the original black sanitation hoses. Following several suggestions, I have found the siphon valve behind the sink on the starboard side. I proceeded to remove the sink to get better access to the siphon valve and hose connections, but am now quite stuck as it appears that the manufacturer put a sealant around/between the sink and counter top and now it's quite stuck and no amount of prodding with a rubber mallet has freed the sink. Does anyone have any other suggestions besides have to disassemble the entire cabinet to access the siphon valve? The previous owner replaced the holding tank with a plastic one and I have replaced the holding tank vent line. But the discharge hoses have got to go!

Thanks in advance .


Gerrit & Sophia replied to the topic 'mast cleat' in the forum. 10 hours 21 minutes ago

Thanks for your quick response.
We have had contact with Defender and Scheafer but they do not have our size in stock.
Specifications: Open Base Deck Cleat (2) Hole Mounting Black Anodized
Aluminum Lengt 180 mm, Fasteners: (2), Center to Center Long: 55 mm


We just bought an IP420 (hull 28) and the EPIRB is located in the locker in the aft cabin. Seems far away - and behind two doors - if I need it in... Show more

hayden replied to the topic 'mast cleat' in the forum. 2 days ago

If you go to and then type in mast cleat, you will find these. They are common. When you go to remove this, the screws will be frozen into the mast, so spray and soak them with PB Blaster from Ace, or Home Depot or any hardware store. Then after soaking for 10-15 minutes put the largest screwdriver into these screws, put pressure to loosen and at the same time tap the end of the screwdriver with a hammer to send vibration into the screw. This vibration and the PB Blaster will break the screw loose. Take your time and this may come right out or it may take you 30 minutes....



Gerrit & Sophia replied to the topic 'mast cleat' in the forum. 2 days ago

Where can we buy that?


Gerrit & Sophia created a new topic ' mast cleat' in the forum. 2 days ago

We have a IP 38 and we need new mast cleat


Mac McLeod thanked hayden in topic Winterization 7 days ago
Al Nichols replied to the topic '87 ip27 head conversion' in the forum. 1 week ago

I extended the platform out a bit to make it easier to use the head. Still allows room to get to the sink although it is a little tight. I got rid of the liquid container and replaced it with a short section of PVC pipe and used a diaphram pump to pump liquid to the holding tank or overboard depending on the boat's location. Just finished installing it last night and works great!


Ken Mercer replied to the topic '87 ip27 head conversion' in the forum. 1 week ago

Dear okbayou, I have an IP27 also and have measured for the airhead toilet. I don't see how it will fit. The "deck" the current head sits on is 7" high. The airhead is 19.75" high. Thats 27" high to sit on. It seems you would need a ladder to climb on the seat. Did you mount yours on the deck, starboard side? What am I missing? Thanks so much. Ken


hayden created a new topic ' 2017 Boat Show newsletter sent' in the forum. 1 week ago

Login and you can see the newsletter just sent out which is archived here:



hayden uploaded 24 photos to the new album 2017 IPYOA Boat Show. 1 week ago

looking for cushions for rear stern rail seats on an ip320. Tan with navy trim.[...]

An Island Packet was photographed yesterday with the mast strapped on the life lines on Seine River in Paris France. Does anybody know who this is... Show more

Thanks for the help gentlemen. I was able to fish the forward reef line back to the back with both ends coming out of the front of the boom. I... Show more

Sam Allen replied to the topic 'Source for IP32 Stantions?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

The end of the story -

Hake/IP called a few days ago and is placing an order w/ Garhauer for stantions for their own use at the factory, and offered to order a stantion for me, with their order. LET ME THINK ABOUT THAT - YES! So another 4 weeks or so, the new stantion will be in.

I gotta admit, Hake is on the ball!



Sam Allen replied to the topic 'Boom Shuttle Block Retrieval' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hi, George...

Been there. You didn't say whether the shuttle has one line (the forward one) around it or not. If yes, then I would imagine the job would be harder, in that you're not only moving the shuttle, but line as well.

I wound up getting a lightweight piece of metal tubing, and taping a hook (fashioned from a coat hanger) on one end. I fed that in through the aft end of the boom, without taking the end of the boom off. The shuttle in my case was completely free, with No lines on it. I pulled it back to the boom end and got it out. As Bythebay said, everywhere there is something attached to the boom, there will be a snag, so you will have to be patient and give the shuttle some help by "lifting" over the rough spots. Etc., etc., etc.. I spent probably 35 - 40 minutes fooling w/ mine.

But in the end, I did get it out and all is well.

Let us know how things go.



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