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Randy Covington replied to the topic 'IP40 Vented loop' in the forum. 10 hours 45 minutes ago

Wow so easy to find, cant believe I missed that.


Randy Covington thanked George Meinke in topic IP40 Vented loop 10 hours 47 minutes ago
Peter Kolb created a new topic ' IP 370 2004' in the forum. 11 hours 57 minutes ago

Next week will find me inspecting, surveying and test sailing an IP 370.
I intend to sail her in the San Francisco Bay and then begin a southerly migration to the cruising grounds of Mexico in the coming years.

My open question to all is one of advice... While I've researched the IP models extensively, I have yet to sail one. What should I be on the lookout for?
Same goes for inspection.... I know the areas to watch for concerning all sailboats, anything particular about the 370 or IPs in general? yes, the tanks (holding and fresh water) are GRP. Does the fuel tank being AL have similar concerns?

Thank you in advance for your insight and guidance.
Looking forward to (hopefully) being a new owner in the near future!

Papa Kilo, over and out!


Randy Covington thanked Lester & Helen Gabriel in topic IP40 Vented loop 12 hours 10 minutes ago
Randy Covington replied to the topic 'Re: Single line mainsail reefing on IP35' in the forum. 13 hours 19 minutes ago

Good afternoon Hayden,

We have the same issue with out single line reefing system, the twisting of the shuttle blocks inside the boom.
Not being any kind of engineer, it occurred to me that the original configuration of the reefing system has a critical flaw, that being that the shuttle blocks are solid. In order to maintain the, what appears to be a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage in the system, the simplest solution would be to replace the solid shuttle blocks with blocks that have some sort of swivel. I have searched for such shuttle blocks, to no avail. Maybe have something custom made,
rather then give up the mechanical advantage?


David Sloan post a new ad 2005 IP 420 for sale 3 days ago

2005 IP 420 for sale2005 IP 420 for sale2005 IP 420 for sale2005 IP 420 for sale
Selling our pristine 2005 IP 420 "Three Forks." Hull #106, 400 engine hours, fully loaded for offsho[...]

peter chilcott replied to the topic '485 instrument pod' in the forum. 4 days ago

OK, for interest sake mine run from the instrument pod beneath a short peice of teak attached to the ceiling running along the hatch and then through the gap between the fibreglass down to the rear of the electrical panel. Perhaps the tubes were added on later models. It is a little fiddly the run new wires through but works fine.


Lester & Helen Gabriel replied to the topic 'IP40 Vented loop' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hi Randy, our IP 40 ('97 Hull # 100) does not have a vented loop forward, and the aft head didnt have a vented loop, nor was there evidence of there having been one. We addressed that issue in 2014.
Good luck with replacing the holding tank.
Lester sv Joule


Lester & Helen Gabriel replied to the topic 'double cheek blocks Ronstan RF 879' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hi Sashakavs - have you tried the manufacturer, here in Australia? (or the USA office / Hake Marine) I havent had a need as yet, they are still okay on our 40.


Aleksander Kavs has liked Aleksander Kavs's Profile 1 week ago
Aleksander Kavs created a new topic ' double cheek blocks Ronstan RF 879' in the forum. 1 week ago

There is a Ronstan RF 879 double cheek block on port side of the deck of my IP420 that leads furling line and main halyard from mast area to the cockpit winches. Well, this block failed and I cannot find a replacement one. The ones installed by IP factory have slightly curved base and the deck post on which it sits is molded to that shape. I can find a flat base block but nobody even knows about the curved version of it. Any ideas where and how to find one?


Andy Wilson updated their profile picture. 1 week ago

Rosty updated their profile picture. 2 weeks ago

Ron Peterson post a new ad 1988 IP31 For Sale by Owner 2 weeks ago

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LOA: 34’4” LWL: 27’9” Beam: 11’6” Draft, Standard: 4’ Displacement: 11,000 lbs Ballast: 4[...]

Randy Covington replied to the topic 'IP40 Vented loop' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the reply George! I will hopefully find it this week. I am sure now that the vented loop was bypassed in the aft head. A year ago we had a problem with that head and found the discharge hose almost completely plugged with what looked like cement! When I replaced the hose, it went directly to the three way valve under the port settee.


George Meinke replied to the topic 'IP40 Vented loop' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

The IP 40 ( or at least mine, a 1995, and a friend's IP40 a 1999 I think) don't have vented loops on the front head. The forward head bowl rim is above the water line and on the centerline so the boat should not flood with a head failure. So I believe that IP didn't think a vented loop was needed in the front head. The rear head does have a vented loop which is located in the cabinet under the sink.
Hope this helps.

S/V Delicia


Randy Covington updated their profile picture. 3 weeks ago

Randy Covington created a new topic ' IP40 Vented loop' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

We are in the process of replacing our holding tank. Chose the Dura Weld tank, waiting for delivery. We do not live close to our slip and did not have time to measure the sanitation hoses from the heads to the tank, so we are planning to just order 30' of so from defender. While researching the topic on this site, I have read that many models have vented loops installed from the factory. Having run into siphoning issues on our IP, I believe that at some point the vented loops may have been removed or bypassed by the previous owner, due maybe to poor accessability. Question is, did the IP 40's have vented loops from both heads?
Thanks in advance for any input!

SV Dos Amantes


Steven Higger created a new topic ' IP 420 Freshwater Pump' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

I have an '02 IP420, Hull #64. My freshwater system has an accumulator tank, and I have replaced the freshwater pump with a Jabsco Par Max 82600-0092 and still have the following symptoms:

1. Initially pressure is good. Pump goes on for a short period of time, then shuts off. All good.
2. Pressure gets less over time, pump runs longer.
3. When pump continues to run, and pressure cannot build up, i Take apart the pump, see no issue and put pump together. Pump now runs much better.

No leaks, No electrical issues that i can see.

The only thing that i can think of is an issue on the input side on the freshwater pickup elbow as described by leterip and hayden here :

Any help offers is appreciated.


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