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TOPIC: Bullet2HP simple set up

Bullet2HP simple set up 2 years, 9 months ago #1286

  • hayden
  • Moderator
  • Posts: 889
...Learn to set up a Bullet 2 HP in minutes, it is easy and very simple. Learn these simple concepts and basic steps. No need for someone to send you a custom set up file!

Conceptual Overview:
The Bullet comes from the factory with a given IP# of and it is NOT set to be a DHCP server. So, in order to FIRST connect to the Bullet, you will need to place YOUR computer onto the same network as the Bullet. Then you can connect to the Bullet and set it up. That is the biggest hurtle.

Let's Get Started:
1. Set your computer network card to a FIXED IP# of (on the same network 192.168.X.X.and anything other than as that is the Bullet)
2. Set your computer netwotk card to the same subnet mask of
3. Now...plug in an ethernet wire from your computer to the POE power and then to the Bullet. The Bullet will now be lit and powered, and your laptop will connect to the Bullet.
4. Open your browser, go to and the Bullet software comes up
5. Login to the Bullet with username=ubnt password=ubnt
6. Set a few items...
......6a. On the NETWORK TAB, set your Bullet as a router
......6b. Select DHCP to make it serve out IP numbers
......6c. Under Network, set the IP# of the Bullet to set the subnet to (this is a private number and secure)
......6d. Under Network, set the DHCP start at
......6e. Under Netwotk set the DHCP end to (this will send out 200 IP numbers, only one is needed but this is OK.)
7. Click SAVE changes and you are finished!!!!

At this Point Your BULLET 2 HP is set up. See, that was easy!

Now that your Bullet is set up, you can reset your computer back to get a network IP number automatically.

To do that, go back to your computer, right click Network Properties, and set your TCP/IP Properties. Reset this to AUTOMATIC. Do this for the IP# and the DNS field also.

At this point, you have a fully working Bullet2HP plugged directly into your laptop.

Your Laptop will now be receiving an IP# and DNS from the Bullet2HP. To prove this, open your browser and surf to the Bullet IP# at - the Bullet software will come up. Now learn to use the Bullet, see steps below...


1. Open your browser and go to your Bullet IP# of login in username= ubnt password = ubnt
2. Click the Wireless tab then the "SELECT" button next to the SSID field.
3. Scan for an OPEN (not encrypted) network. Pick the one with the LOWEST DB signal, this is the strongest.
4. Select that one, click CHANGE at the bottom of the screen.
5. A new screen comes up, select APPLY at the top of the screen. This writes the connection data into the Bullet.
6. You are now connected. Prove on your "MAIN" tab in the Bullet2hp, you will see the signal bars indicating your are connected.
7. At this point you will need to wait about a minute or two until the land based system sends the IP# and DNS#s into your bullet. After a minute, you will be online! NOTE: There is a refresh button on the main screen and you can use that to see when you receive your WAN #.

Welcome to OPEN WIFI browsing.

That is how easy it is to set up a Bullet 2HP network.

Here is a Network Diagram for this setup.

Hayden Cochran
IP35-165 Island Spirit
Rock Hall, MD
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Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 2 years, 9 months ago #1295

  • hayden
  • Moderator
  • Posts: 889
Here are all the parts for your Bullet2hp system and where to buy them...

Call or make sure this company (Rowe Wireless) has the BULLET2HP in
stock, they are sometimes hard to get. Sometimes they take your order
then say it will be months...:


POE, Power over Ethernet
120 volt
12 volt

8 dbi Antenna:

This is all that is needed EXCEPT you will need Ethernet wire to
connect from below decks up to the antenna/bullet2hp. The POE will be
below decks and will need power. This would be in his aft locker. Then
Ethernet cable needs to run from there to his router ( not in this
order) or to his nav deck/laptop. So, in respect to the Ethernet
cables, lets say he needs 12' from antenna to below decks. Then from
aft storage below deck to nav desk could be 20+ feet. So we will get
this from (looks like they sell 25' as the best fit
for this, see below)

Then if you want a WiFi router to share the
bullet signal to other laptops you will need that.

I will spec one as well if needed.

OK, order this from

2 Ethernet Cables: buy two of these... (they can be coiled if too
long) One will go from antenna outside on arch down to POE rig below
decks. The other will go from POE rig to laptop or router. I amn
guessing 25' is plenty for each leg.
Rosewill RCW-565 25ft. /Network Cable Cat 6 Black BUY TWO or more...

If you need a router, this is the standard Linksys Router...
Linksys WRT54GL Wireless Broadband Router

That is a full system. Now all you will need is to connect it and set it up.

Here is a network diagram of how it will be set up...
Hayden Cochran
IP35-165 Island Spirit
Rock Hall, MD
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Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 2 years, 6 months ago #1468

  • hayden
  • Moderator
  • Posts: 889
Now after years of using this WiFi rig and network set is still the best system. If you are thinking of adding a network to your boat, then seriously look into this Bullet2HP with a router set up. Follow these simple steps to set up your own network, learn how to run it. It is simple...
Hayden Cochran
IP35-165 Island Spirit
Rock Hall, MD

Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 2 years, 2 months ago #1644

  • DWJensen
  • Fresh Boarder
  • Posts: 5
Great info here Hayden. I like the idea of doing my own system and saving some $$ over a pre-packaged deal like the Wirie (we were considering the AP).

I've got just about everything sourced (using Amazon to save on shipping) and am pretty close to ordering it all, but I do have a couple of questions before I pull the trigger and buy.

With regards to the ethernet cable lengths (keep in mind I'm not an IT guy) - Wouldn't it be better to place the 12v POE inside the cabin (like behind the electrical panel) and run one longer cat 6 cable from the POE to the bullet and a shorter one from the POE to the router? Or am I not seeing the full picture? It seems like this would not only allow for a shorter 12v run, but would also keep connections inside the boat rather than in the lazarette. Is there a length limitation for POE like USB or does it not really matter? (I'm only talking about a 40 foot or so run)

I'm thinking I'd mount the bullet/antenna aft by my solar panels, (which are mounted above the davits), and run the cable to the electrical panel. I figure I'll set up a small subpanel with breakers/switches for router and POE power, as well as one for my TV/radio antenna amplifier, as I have a space on the cabinetry where my old (since relocated) windlass breaker was. It seems that this should make for a clean electrical install and provide protection/switching for each component.

Also, how does the bullet/antenna mount? Without having one in hand, it's kind of hard to see. Do I need a regular antenna mount or is it going to need fabricating? (not a big deal, just curious - I'll be mounting to 1" stainless tubing)

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Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 2 years, 2 months ago #1645

  • hayden
  • Moderator
  • Posts: 889
Yes, your POE, router and wiring is all inside. One Ethernet wire runs from POE out to the bullet2hp mounted on the solar frame.
The antenna is a standard VHF antenna mount that clamps onto your bimini frame or solar frame. The bullet screws into the bottom of the antenna. The Ethernet wire plugs into the bottom of the bullet.
Hayden Cochran
IP35-165 Island Spirit
Rock Hall, MD

Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 1 year, 6 months ago #2097

  • Fulton
  • Fresh Boarder
  • Posts: 2
I can't get mine to work. I get a message that the server quit responding. Don't know what wrong.

Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 1 year, 6 months ago #2101

I have ordered the parts and will let you know if I have any issues or insight into your issue. I found the staff at Rowe Wireless very helpful in the selection of my components. I wanted my system to be entirely 12 volt so I ordered a different POE than in Hayden's recommendation:

This one will accept from 9 to 36 volt input and provide a stronger output for the data you send. I also have router that should operate on 12 volt (Engenius ESR300H) that I picked up for $30.00 from Microcenter. The final difference is that I went with a different antenna

Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 1 year, 4 months ago #2179

Did you ever get your Bullet to work? I had a problem and found that I needed to "Enable NAT". Once I did that it worked fine...

Re: Bullet2HP simple set up 2 months, 3 weeks ago #3513

  • PlumBob
  • Senior Boarder
  • Posts: 68
I ordered all the parts for project this from Rowe (url in several posts above.)

They were great to do business with. There was one little glitch with a wrong part being shipped - which they corrected immediately without any question. And they answered some questions for me - very straightforward answers.

Fantastic company. Definitely will use them in the future.
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