Changing transmission Cable

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1 week 3 days ago #6283 by odelljax
Changing transmission Cable was created by odelljax
I have a IP320 and recently have had problems shifting into forward. No problems with reverse. Have adjusted the cable as far forward as possible, and when moving the lever and inspecting the transmission end no problem seems to be visible. When lever pushed into forward and click audible, forward motion occurs occasionally after about 4-5 secs. If the lever is pushed forward rapidly the engine sometimes does not go into forward. Reverse is not a problem. I removed the compass and inspected the inner aspect of the lever with the rods and upper aspect of the cable visible and cannot see any obvious problem.
Any suggestions? I strongly suspect the cable is the issue. How would I replace the cable? How do I lubricate the cable.

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1 week 3 days ago - 1 week 2 days ago #6284 by hayden
Replied by hayden on topic Changing transmission Cable

I have spent lots of time working on this as I replaced my shifter cables with new Teleflx cables and I replaced the old style shifter with a new single lever one.

What I learned from this regarding not shifting into a gear, fwd or rev, is that you need to look very closely at your transmission lever and the shifter cable mount and clamp hold down. To study this, first, remove the shifter cable from the shifter lever on the transmission. Now, move the trans shifter lever into fwd, neutral rev, just move it back and forth. Now stop it in neutral, making sure your this trans shifter lever is is neutral. Next, with the cable end removed, move your shifter at the helm into fwd, neutral, rev and look at the movement of the cable end, obviously this takes 2 people. Now, position the helm shifter in the neutral position. Look at the cable clamp and the cable feed and it should be 90 degrees to the transmission lever when both are in neutral. What you might find is that this is not the case.. This cable mount, cable clamp, on the transmission, we had to remake so that we could position the cable 90 degrees to the lever in neutral. If this is off then the cable will push more in one direction over the other. This study of the movement of the transmission lever related to the cable being 90 degrees may fix your problem.

That is where I would start.


Hayden Cochran
IP35-165 Island Spirit
Rock Hall, MD
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