Thank you for your donation to support our sharing site. Your donation helps to pay for:

  1. Web hosting fees, web servers and database servers
  2. Domain Names pointing to IP sites
      1. (dropping soon)
      2. (dropping soon)
      3. (dropping soon)
      4. (dropping soon)
      5. (dropping soon)
      6. (dropping soon)
    4. (paying for the factory since 1999)
    5. (paying for the factory since 1999)
  3. Template subscription account
    1. yearly membership for updates and support
  4. Extensions paid for to add features
    1. Joomla Art annual membership
    2. DocMan annual membership for document library
    3. RSS feeds annual membership
    4. JomSocial for photo sharing annual membership
    5. SimGallery Photo sharing annual membership
  5. Tech Support I pay to programmers to help with glitches
    1. Programmer in London for PhP MySql programming
    2. Programmer in Singapore to code custom work for our photo app
    3. I pay to belong to web development forums and community sites where I can ask for help from developers
  6. Time to service and keep this project running.
    1. Time to manage this while living on IP35 Island Spirit is estimated at 10 hrs/week
    2. Over the winter, while cruising, and even from the Bahamas, I service and work on this site!
    3. Emails and personal support to IP fleet members and IP wannabes when asked

This is what we do! IPY is our passion.
We thank you for your donation as this will help with the many expenses associated with this project.


Hayden and Radeen Cochran

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