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Neil Richards replied to the topic 'Rigid Vang/Kicker for IP370' in the forum. 11 hours 19 minutes ago

Thanks Hayden, installation almost complete, I've gone with a local UK unit and just finishing off the control line run now. I'll post some picks f the whole installation to add to the collection when I've finished :)




Erik replied to the topic 'FrigoBoat refrigeration' in the forum. 16 hours 59 minutes ago

I have the same setup, but in a 2007 440. Awhile ago, after being away from the boat for 2 weeks, I came back and the fridge was at like 12 degrees and everything was frozen solid. Beer bottles exploded and everything.

I cycled the power on the controls and it came back to life, just like normal. Like it had a glitch in the system or something. Has been running fine ever since. If you haven't tried yet, maybe it just needs a time out for awhile?

Good luck,


Blair created a new topic ' FrigoBoat refrigeration' in the forum. 21 hours 7 minutes ago

We have a 2004 IP445 with a Frigoboat fridge/freezer and Carel Electronic controls. Recently, the fridge section has been freezing and does not seem to respond to our attempts to reprogram the temperature. (The temperature setting on the Carel control is actually 40F but the compartment actual temp is about 20F)

Any ideas how to reset the temperature?

Also, I believe this is a keel cooler design. Has anyone used the Frigoboat optional air cooled accessory? It would seem that adding the air cooled option would be very useful when we haul out.


Charlie McDowell created a new topic ' Information on a specific boat from Island Packet from factory records' in the forum. 21 hours 23 minutes ago

I have had new standing rigging shipped to Guatemala from Seco South who originally supplied the standing rigging for Island Packet. As there were issues with the rigging as far as terminals and lengths, I was wondering who to currently contact with the original specifications for this boat, an IP 40, hull no. 120. Is there a contact number for the archival records?


Charlie McDowell thanked Lester & Helen Gabriel in topic Re: Bedding issues on IP 40 21 hours 58 minutes ago
Charlotte Y Giobbi updated their profile picture. 23 hours 19 minutes ago

Thomas O'Brien replied to the topic 'Yanmar Exhaust Mixing Elbows' in the forum. yesterday


Thank you for responding. Before I embarked on this project I had reviewed this blog and noted the 2 different types of elbows. The elbow on my 4JH3TE looks like neither. The elbow that is currently installed that needs to be replaced is definitely a custom made elbow. The flange on the elbow is triangular and mount through 3 bolts. I called Mastry Engine Center and they gave me the Yanmar OEM part number 129671-13552. I have not been able to find the exact images of this Yanmar part number, but there are several other manufactures on the internet that have a similar products. The Yanmar part does not seem to be quite as long or as "hefty" as the custom part that is presently installed, but the shape appears to be the same. I am curious whether anyone has had experience with this OEM part as far as longevity, or are there better options.



hayden replied to the topic 'Yanmar Exhaust Mixing Elbows' in the forum. 2 days ago


Does your mixing elbow look like the NEW SQUARE style shown in the beginning of this post?
If so, it should not need changed. Does this broker know about the two different styles, old vs new of mixing elbows?



John Penman replied to the topic 'i need a new autopilot' in the forum. 2 days ago

HI All
I am considering purchasing and installing a CPT autopilot on our IP38. We already have a Monitor wind vane, so the wheel adaptor for that is mounted on the forward side of the wheel. The wheel adaptor for the CPT would have to go on the aft side (or vice versa).

I am concerned about leg (knee) room when steering by hand. Does anyone have a Monitor and CPT on their IP or an opinion they'd care to offer?

Many thanks



Thomas O'Brien replied to the topic 'Yanmar Exhaust Mixing Elbows' in the forum. 2 days ago

My wife and I recently purchased an IP 440. During the survey we were warned that the exhaust mixing elbow on our Yanmar 4jh3te would probably need replacing soon. Looking at the elbow it appears to be custom made and longer then the stock elbow from Yanmar. Does anyone know whether the stock elbow will work?


James Paul & Karen Finn created a new topic ' Sails for an IP440' in the forum. 2 days ago

Does anyone have the luff and foot measurements and sail areas for the yankee, staysail and mainsail of an IP440? There is no staysail luff or foot measurement in the sail plan found in the technical drawings section of the manual provided by the factory and the luff measurement for the mainsail is different from that shown on the cover of the specifications/new boat order brochure. The boat is fitted with Quantum sails who gave me different measurements yet again when I contacted them.


DAVID JUALL replied to the topic 'Re: Want to meet Packet Cat owners on Chesapeake Bay' in the forum. 3 days ago

Judy, After 13 years of owning our PC, nine living aboard, we sold The Brac Cat in 2009 and bought an RV. We since have been cruising on the ground. The Chesapeake is a wonderful cruising area, we have always been partial to Rock Hall for any long term stay, but anywhere you stop should be enjoyable. If this is your first time cruising south you may like to see our log, which was published some time ago but tracks our early adventures. Fair Winds. Bonnie and David


Please help me find the link to change my Newsletter email address.

Judy DOlympia replied to the topic 'Re: Want to meet Packet Cat owners on Chesapeake Bay' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hi, I just signed up for this group, and the first search I did was for "Packetcat", and found your post from a year ago. We have owned Grace, a 1995 model since 2008 and are FINALLY heading south this fall, from Buzzards Bay. Our boat has a full enclosure on a stainless steel frame. The material is stamoid with Strataglass windows. We usually sail with just the front 5 panels, like a dodger, but in Maine we did have all the panels zipped on, but sometimes unsnapped at the bottom for ease of sheet handling. We have 4 flexible solar panels mounted on top, and just installed davits 2 years ago. Our radar is mast mounted. If you're interested, Chuck or I can send some pictures. Hope to see some owners in the Chespeake area. Where are you located? Judy


Bruce Gregory replied to the topic 'Loran Tigres Windlass at Discount' in the forum. 4 days ago

This deal is over. Anyone that talked with me previous might get a reprieve from my contact in Spain but I cannot guarantee anything until I contact him.
Fair wind,
Captain Bruce Gregory


hayden replied to the topic 'Hake Marine announces New IP40' in the forum. 5 days ago

This New IP 40 looks like they may be using the Blue Jacket 40 molds and this is a new interior with two heads. If that is the case then this new IP40 may have a fin keel and a spade rudder. More study is needed.


Greg Bryon uploaded 7 photos to the new album Untitled Album. 6 days ago
hayden created a new topic ' Hake Marine announces New IP40' in the forum. 6 days ago

Today, Hake Marine announced two new designs. See this Web link....



Bruce Bachenheimer updated their profile picture. 7 days ago

Jane Sheeran has liked a Video 7 days ago

Sans Staysail Boom 2

Sailing an older Island Packet Yacht with the staysail boom removed works. This video demonstrates how easy it is to try this set up. It costs...