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Steve Kirkpatrick created a new topic ' Plumbing' in the forum. 2 hours 43 minutes ago

I am trying to replace the head and hoses on an IP 29. I cannot seem to find the seacock that controls the intake. If it is the seacock I believe (right outside the head), than it appears not to be working. I shut it off but the water keeps coming out of the small hose I disconnected from the manual head pump. Is it possible that it’s hooked into the fresh water tank? I can’t see where.


Harry Burns replied to the topic 'Yanmar 4JH3E High Pitch Whistle' in the forum. 5 hours 26 minutes ago

We are original owners of 370-24 also with the 4JH3. First, Google "singing prop" and read some other owners experience and the science behind the problem. Then my story. It may or may not of course apply to your boat.

For the first 4-5 years of ownership every Spring after our haulout and with a completely clean prop we had a high pitched "singing" between 1300-2200 rpm. Within a few weeks it would go away and only return in late summer after the diver had cleaned the prop and wiped the bottom. Several mechanics took short rides and heard the sound - checked alignment, motor mounts, but no change.

I then by chance the next Spring mentioned this to the owner of the marina where I haulout and he said I think you have a "singing prop". We pulled the prop and I took it to the Norfolk prop shop and the owner there said I can cure this by a slight camber on the trailing edge and actually gave me a copy of one of the scientific papers you will find online. Indeed he did - problem gone.

The other comment about the raw water vented loop is also interesting. It reminded me that Island Packet issued a factory service bulletin for our 370s to fix a problem in that the hose from the raw water vented loop to the bilge as installed at the factory did not continuously run downhill, allowing water to block air flow. They sent me a new hose and a few other parts and the new way to route the hose that I installed myself. If you are not the original owner you might check to see if that was done on your boat.

Enjoy your ICW trip. Done it twice and some wonderful places to stop and enjoy along the way.

Harry Burns
IP 370-24 Two for the Roads


Joel Duncan replied to the topic 'Reduced air flow from AC' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks for the great advice. All is well with the AC. I cleaned the filters and it's cooling better than ever.


Jim Van Lenten replied to the topic 'Yanmar 4JH3E High Pitch Whistle' in the forum. yesterday

Do you have a vented loop coming off your mixing elbow? If so, there is a small vent at the top of the "U" pipe. That vent can "whistle" when the water flow is fast enough (ie: higher rpms) if its not working properly or cracked.


Richard Stewart created a new topic ' Yanmar 4JH3E High Pitch Whistle' in the forum. 2 days ago

Moon Eye is a 2004 IP370 #21. Her Yanmar 4JH3E with 1480 hrs has developed a high pitch whistling sound at 2300 to 2700 rpms. She is quiet and smooth running above and below that range. It only happens in forward, not neutral. We are southbound on the ICW from Maine to Florida. Adjusted stuffing box. That did not solve it. Motor mounts were replaced and engine aligned after that a year ago. There was no whistle before that and none until we started putting her to hard use on this trip. Cutlass bearing was ok at recommissioning in June. Comments?


James Grantham created a new topic ' Gel coat showing through black in non-skid' in the forum. 3 days ago

I have three areas in the nonskid that are showing black in the channels at the bottom of the nonskid pattern. I would have expected it to wear through on the top of the pattern. How can I restore?


hayden created a new topic ' Island Packet Gel Coat Colors and Repairs' in the forum. 5 days ago

This resource has been found by Ed Land, IP37 FINISTERE, and we are thankful for this resource. Ed says, he has used this product and it is a very good match to the Island Packet Gel Coat colors. Please use the dropdown lists here and find your Island Packet year and color.

Filter here

The company here

Thank you ED!



Bill Pfanstiel replied to the topic 'Reduced air flow from AC' in the forum. 7 days ago

If you have not done it already, either clean or replace your return air filter. With reduced air flow the coils are more prone to freeze up. We regularly vacuum the coils. Besides owning an IP27 with a/c l maintained air handling equipment for 36 years.


hayden uploaded 79 photos to the new album IP 340 001 debuts at Annapolis 2018. 1 week ago
Greg Bryon replied to the topic 'Reduced air flow from AC' in the forum. 1 week ago

Turn compressor off and turn fan to on to defrost coils. Then clean coils. Once clear and airflow back to normal turn compression back on to cool. If it continues to frost and freeze up it is likely low on Freon. You will need to recharge and check unit and coils for Freon leaks.


karl glenroths updated their profile picture. 2 weeks ago

Joel Duncan created a new topic ' Reduced air flow from AC' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

After running the AC on my IP 29 for several days the volume of air flow from the vents has dropped considerably and the boat is not cooling. The seawater water circulation has not changed. There is frost on the coils of the unit. Don't know if this is a oroblem. Any ideas on what is causing these issues?


Josie replied to the topic 'For Sale: Custom winter cover for IP 370' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I sent a PM with my info so let me know if you don’t get it. Feel free to contact me over the weekend as well. Thanks.


Darryl Harris replied to the topic 'For Sale: Custom winter cover for IP 370' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Good morning, if you would like to send me a phone number or email address I will call or email. Thanks.


Cap'n Jesse Broome shared a video in group. 2 weeks ago

mobjack sail

A beautiful day and showing off Contented Turtle's newly redone teak!

Josie replied to the topic 'For Sale: Custom winter cover for IP 370' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Definitely interested. Would love to discuss details with you or the boatyard manager if the cover is still available. Thanks. Josie Webster


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