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Tammy and Robert Kirk replied to the topic 'Boat yards for bottom work NC/SC/GA/Fl' in the forum. 5 hours 29 minutes ago

I just had the bottom of our IP40 redone (unknown paint from previous owner removed and new Petit bottom paint) at Wayfarers Cove (252-249-0200), in Arapahoe NC (about 8-10 miles from Oriental NC). This is the 2nd time we've had work there and were very pleased both times with the quality of the work, the value (fair-pricing), and the owner (Tom) was AWSOME at communicating all the details about the what/when/how-much/etc. If you need any other work done, they have the best all-around boat mechanic in the area (Asa Gatlin), as well a great canvas worker (Ginny Vogt), and fiberglass guru (Dave). Tom is also great about letting you do whatever work you'd like to do yourself and didn't charge us for any time in a slip or on the hard.


david Jolley replied to the topic 'Fuel polishing and tank access IP 370' in the forum. 17 hours 5 minutes ago

Re Tank Access:

The fuel and water sensors on my IP320 (2000) took some unscrewing (because I coudn't get a wrench onto the square nut, had a jig made up by a local engineering shop for £10) .
Unscrewing the nut revealed what is effectively a static dip stick that was easily removed with a floating collar that moves up and down and passes an electrical signal current to the fuel gauge.

As the gauge stopped giving accurate readings (squeezed in 10 gals into "full" tank) ended up making new electrical connections which has fixed my particular worry.
The link to the manufacturer and helpful advice is


Graham Jones replied to the topic 'Keel to Rudder Arm' in the forum. 17 hours 10 minutes ago

Hi Steve,

Just saw your post and Hayden's reply. We have an identical weed show on our 380 and for a long time I could not figure out why water seeped out for weeks or months after the boat is hauled. I finally realized that the back of the shoe where the rudder post fits is higher than the front where it fits around the back of the keel, and the bottom of the box section stays full of water and slowly comes out of any tiny cracks in the bedding where it is screwed to the keel. Sometim . bnafter at the front wrthe


George W. Ruth replied to the topic 'Boat yards for bottom work NC/SC/GA/Fl' in the forum. 19 hours 1 minute ago

Thank you; I'll che
ck them out.


Renard replied to the topic 'Boat yards for bottom work NC/SC/GA/Fl' in the forum. yesterday

George - During the 2011-2012 sailing season I had Sailcraft in Oriental do a lot of work on my IP 38, including a complete bottom job. The staff there were very professional and helpful. As an added bonus, Oriental is a terrific community to hold up for awhile. Assuming Allan is still the owner I feel confident the workmanship remains at the highest level.


hayden created a new topic ' NOTICE: IP 420 IP440 FIRE DANGER' in the forum. yesterday

IP 420 Owners and IP 440 Owners:
I have been alerted to this excessive heat issue on these boats by the owner of IP 420 Sandpiper which had a fire. He asked me to post this to the fleet and to give everyone a heads up on this issue. Please see his post here:

copy of Guy's message
In regards to an article in Boat US magazine,Apri/May 2017, it mentioned a
fire aboard The Sandpiper, hull and manufacturer date unknown. This fire
was discovered under berth cushion in back cabin, near exhaust riser. I
have written in the past about the turbo charged Yanmar turbo engine.
Hayden has written several articles about the risers being stainless or
steel including diagrams. However, my research has found that the exhaust
riser on the 420 and 440 models were custom made from stainless, for these
boats only. My 420 was purchased NEW and was on the mailing list from the
factory for any service bulletins. Any 420 or 440, bought used or
previously owned, may not have received this important service bulletin,
dated Feb. 20,2012. Enclosed/attached is a copy of the service report
stating a potential fire hazard. I'm not sure this is the cause of The
Sandpipers fire, but it would warrant owners of 420's or 440's to check
the exhaust area and change their impellers, YEARLY, to maximize water
flow through the risers. Also, clean your heat exchangers regularly. We
had a replacement riser custom-made by the original manufacturer as a
"backup" when needed.

Please read the attachment service report sent from IP.

File Attachment:

File Name: IP420-IP440-FireHazzard.pdf
File Size: 423 KB

end of copy from Guy

Thank you Guy for this update. Let's all get this word out to all IP 420 and IP 440 owners.



George W. Ruth replied to the topic 'Rotary vs linear drive for autopilot' in the forum. 2 days ago

I have not installed one but just replaced one on a 38'. I believe my steering set up is the same as yours and honestly, while it's a great place to have it, it's a NIGHTMARE to get to. My brother in law and I spend 2.5 days pulling out the old one and putting the new one in. Access is the issue. I ended up having to take the water heater out to get to that side of the unit. I like the rotary unit as it's a direct chain and sprocket to sprocket hook up to the steering shaft but it's just a tough one to get to. It may be easier to mount it under the seat somewhere OR off in the lazarette.


George W. Ruth created a new topic ' Boat yards for bottom work NC/SC/GA/Fl' in the forum. 2 days ago

I'm trying to find a recommendation for a boatyard that does good work with removing old paint, repairing blisters, recoating and repainting my 38' IP in any of the following states: NC/SC/GA/Fla (east coast). Can someone steer me to a recommended provider?


I have a1988 IP31 and am trying to set up the mainsail reefing. As I read the boat manual it refers to a single line reefing for both reefing... Show more

IP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like NewIP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like NewIP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like NewIP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like NewIP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like NewIP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like NewIP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like NewIP32 V-Berth Mattress Topper Like New
Latex 2" mattress topper for IP32 V-Berth. I got this new in 2016 for an IP35 by mistake without kno[...]

hayden replied to the topic 'Packet Cat surveyor near Seattle?' in the forum. 4 days ago


I would find an accredited one here:



David Bliss created a new topic ' Packet Cat surveyor near Seattle?' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hi all,

I'm new here; I have a Packet Cat 35 under contract and need a good surveyor, preferably one who knows Packet Cats, or at least multihulls. I'm having no luck tracking down anyone with those specialties near Seattle. Does anyone have suggestions? I tried the forum search and didn't come up with anything.



hayden replied to the topic 'What cable is this?' in the forum. 4 days ago

Good move. That's the way to go. I am glad you found a radar cable on ebay. Good work

Happy to help.



Blair replied to the topic 'What cable is this?' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hi Hayden

Thanks for all of your help! I was able to find a cable on EBay which didn't cost much more than the junction box. Going with this option is a bit easier in the long run.

I really appreciate your advice!



peter chilcott replied to the topic 'Fuel tanks' in the forum. 4 days ago

Email sent


Mooring line chafe on bobstay. Any ideas to prevent the chafing on the bobstay? I don't want to use the bow roller on the bow pulpit.

Scott Thomas replied to the topic 'Fuel tanks' in the forum. 4 days ago

I have a IP 485, year 2003 and think my fuel tank is leaking so I would appreciate any information you might have gathered about the fuel tank. I can also take any information off line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you.


1990 IP 27 "Wind Catcher" for sale
1990 IP27 Cutter Rig in very good condition. Just repowered with 30HP Yanmar Diesel with just 10 hou[...]

hayden created a new topic ' Factory Refit Program 2017' in the forum. 5 days ago

The Island Packet Yachts Factory owned by Hake Marine has rolled out a new factory refit program. The program is outlined in the attached PDF and also the text is copied here. If you are looking to have your yacht refit then study these offerings.

copy of text below


Island Packet Yachts is known for building the strongest, most durable yachts able to cross any ocean in
comfort and style. Built by our factory team of craftsmen that are the best in the industry, Island
Packets have been proven time and time again as”America’s Cruising Choice.”
On any vessel, however, there are components that age with time and the many nautical miles traveled.
Thus, we are pleased to offer our Dealers and Owners a Factory Refit Program that meets the high
standards of the Island Packet name. The refit work will be performed by the talented craftsmen in the
same factory where the boats are built. All refits will include warranties on systems installed for a
period of 1 year.

The following are some examples of various areas of opportunity for refit:

Above Deck: New sails, standing rigging, running rigging, and deck hardware. New life lines,
repair/replace gates and stations. Replace chain plates. Strip and repair all teak bright work on
exterior or replace with composite product. Buff/polish deck and hull or paint deck and hull.

Cockpit: All new electronics (customer’s choice as to model/brand). New cockpit cushions, helm
seat/backrest. New dodger/side curtains and bimini with connector. Cleaning and repainting of
all storage areas underneath cockpit seats and in lazzarette. Custom arches.

Interior: Fresh varnish on all interior surfaces. Inspect and repair galley fridge/freezer. Upgrade
to any galley appliances. Replace all pluming to galley sink and new water pump. Options to
upgrade to Corian counter tops. Upgrade all interior lighting to LED. Replace heads and inspect
all lines and plumbing. Refinish or replace existing sole with veneer or solid wood.
Sub Floor: Replace holding tanks, replace hoses and inspect all aspects of the wiring in the
floors. Replace and inspect all thru hulls, bilge pumps.The above is in no way a complete list of the possibilities. We can customize any refit to meet
your individual needs and will set up a personal consultation. The following are the 3 Refit

This package involves an extensive overhaul of the vessel and is an excellent option for someone
wishing to take their boat around the world with all the most current of technologies available.
Clients spending $100,000 or more will receive a 10% discount on the entire refit.

2. THE ISLAND HOPPER REFIT ($50,000-$99,000)
Customer choosing this refit option will receive a 7.5% discount on parts.

3. COASTAL REFIT ($10,000-$49,999)
Those spending $30,000-$49,999 will receive a 5% discount on parts.
For further information or to set up your personal consultation,

please contact Adam Beattie at
(727)535-6431 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
end copy of text

Doc attached

File Attachment:

File Name: IPFactoryRefitProgram2017.pdf
File Size: 505 KB


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