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Welcome to
the Island Packet Yacht Owners' Association

Created by ISLAND PACKET OWNERS and managed by IP OWNERS offers the Island Packet Yacht Owner and the IP Community a complete portal system connecting together all island packet resources and websites. The portal extends our sharing beyond photos, forums and email with the addition of a shared Google Map system, a Document Library, Shared Links, a Video Indexing system and a Cruising Reports System. Enjoy the site and enjoy the connections, sharing, learning and discoveries our site offers.

Key Features:

  1. Collaborative Google Map System
    1. Share anchorages, marinas, service yards, dealers, and more
  2. Document Library
    1. Share PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Database files
    2. Share How to Articles
  3. Classified Ads System
    1. Post and manage your own classified ads
  4. Shared Links Database
    1. Add URLs to resources sorted into a logical system
  5. Integration of All IP Web Sites
    1., IPmail, BLISS, IP UK, &
  6. Cruising Reports Section
    1. Post and share trip reports
    2. Ask questions related to cruising areas
  7. Video Indexing and Sharing Feature
    1. Index your YouTube videos for everyone to enjoy
  8. RSS Feeds of IP Owners and their Blogs
    1. Owners with blogs are indexed for all to follow
  9. Google Picasa Photos Indexed (better to use RSS and feeds)
    1. IP owners can index their public picasa photo albums for all to enjoy
  10. IP Owner's with Businesses
    1. Free Banner ads to all IP owners who own a business and want to advertise here
  11. Wordpress BLOGS for all (dropped, better to use blogger and RSS feeds)
    1. Beta: If you want to explore blogging for free, then we have installed Wordpress MU, multi-user blogging tool. Check it out
    2. ABOUT THIS IDEA....
  12. Events Calendar added Feb 2010 (upgraded this into the community app 2011)
    1. Add cruising dates to a shared calendar
    2. Create event locations and schedule registration for rendezvous
    3. Plan Mini-vous in event locations
  13. the First IPY owner driven Polling / Quiz system 2010
  14. New IP Community app added to connect, share and learn from all owners! This is the BEST community app next to Facebook. Login and share, login and learn...
  15. Integrated VIDEO sharing app, added into the community
  16. One month of work....all NEW APPS...all NEW VERSIONS....upgraded the foundation and the apps driving this site. Time to move this to a faster server...
  17. April 2011, ORDERED NEW SERVER ... site will be upgraded to a faster server and the best on the market.
  18. Sunday: MAY 1, 2011....NEW SERVER IS INSTALLED, IPYOA has been MOVED to Rochen servers, the best and fastest Joomla servers in the world!
  19. June 2012: Upgraded all APPS (10) to latest versions. Site is serving more data every day!
  20. Summer 2013, upgrading Server and template and apps to deal with the added bandwidth and demands.
  21. Summer 2013 we are fighting server overloads and excessive loads. Rochen is suggesting a larger $erver, but I am working this one to the max!
  22. Sept 2013, several bids received to upgrade IPYOA site $4,000 to $6,000. Looks like I will keep shopping. No one will bid on integrating ipphotos into IPYOA, so that project is still on the board....
  23. Sept 2014: Upgrades constantly being applied. Bids are now to $2,500 to migrate site to a newer version. Upgrade and integration will happen in time....
  24. Note: I work on IPYOA and IPphotos administration, 1-2 hours per day.
  25. SERVING over 20,000 page views per month! Enjoy

Hours invested to build ver. 5.0 to release point in 2009
96+ hrs. while living on IP35-165 Vero Beach Marina and doing Drexel Grad School
Jan 1, 2009 to Feb 9, 2009 (re-build time)
average daily work invested on this site is 2+ hrs per night since then
of course every site is Beta, so this is a work in progress, Enjoy the site
Hours invested into ver 4.0 was 100+ hrs. but that site was too complicated to use.

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