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hayden replied to the topic 'Prosine 2.0 will not go to float' in the forum. 12 hours 40 minutes ago

Thank you for you very detailed study and ideas to look into. I have been running 100% off solar and wind for 12 days now. The Blue Sky runs it all. So I have left the charger off as I look into this. I have been thru this prosine 2.0 charger set up many times since 2001. This is the 2md one. I reset it to factory the other day and reconfigured all. So I know it's set up right.

I guess I should look at the solar config and review that.

For now, all systems run great as long as i don't need a shore power charger. It's just odd, prosine said reverse my solar input. I never heard of that.

My gut says the prosine is shot, lost its brain but works as an inverter just fine. A replacement is 1200$
Not sure I need it. I will let you know more as I discover more.



DrewS replied to the topic 'Prosine 2.0 will not go to float' in the forum. 12 hours 52 minutes ago

Hi Hayden,
I did some reading on your manuals for the BlueSky and the Xantrex. Of note - both have extensive and complex setup procedures. If not set correctly, it could cause problems.

On BlueSky, the default settings look reasonable for Island Spirit. But if the settings got gronked, and Float got turned off, (possible to set it this way) the voltage would stay at 14.25v, rather then 13.8 (or whatever float is set to). Setup looks rather painful, but doable. Would be good to review and make sure it's set the way you want.

On Prosine2.0, the Xantrex User manual shows default values that might mess things up for you. There is no provision to measure load current. It only measures the output of the charger. The default settings are for a 200Ahr system (2 batteries). And seems to only go to float if/when charge current drops below 1% of C - ie: 2Amps. On the other hand, it should time out after 8hrs, then go to float. Might take some more study on that for me. Looks like it would go back to Acceptance, if the charge current (including load) came back high again.
At least if looks that way to me.

If it really works the way I described, then sitting at the dock, with fridge turned on, or any other load greater then 2 Amps - it could keep going back to 14.25 volts for 8 hrs, whenever a load kicked in - - fridge, bilge pump, or ??

Good luck finding the cause, and checking things out. Definitely review setup for both BlueSky and Xantrex to make sure they still have settings that you wanted.

Fair Winds,


Jane Sheeran post a new ad 1988 Island Packet 38’. 4 days ago

1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.1988 Island Packet 38’.
We purchased Celtic Spirit 2 years ago in Sarnia, Canada (Lake Huron), where this beauty has lived i[...]

DrewS replied to the topic 'Prosine 2.0 will not go to float' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hi Hayden,
I don't see how swapping connections a bit, as suggested would change anything. Is this a new behavior, or has it been this way?

We have Blue Sky 2000e older (lower current) version of 3000i. And old Heart Inverter/Charger (now Xantrex) with old Link 2000 Controller. All charge sources are connected to battery plus (all batteries connected in parallel). All charge sources include: Heart Freedom 2000, BlueSky 200e, KISS wind, and Balmar 150A Alternator (with Link voltage regulator). We can be plugged in, with solar on, and both chargers will go to float voltage when fully charged. Same if running on engine, with solar on. Wind generator has no controller - just manual on/off. If wind is on, while sailing (motor off), it confuses the Blue Sky and solar cuts back it's charging. (Blue Sky thinks battery voltage is fine and does not need charge).
For negative connections, all loads connect to 500A current shunt, and current shunt goes to battery negative - all connected in parallel.

As for not going to float - could Xantrex be OK, but solar charger be too high and not cutting back? I don't recall Blue Sky algorithms, but if controller thinks the batteries are accepting a lot of current (charge going to batteries), it may not cut back. And if so, the solar would keep voltage up. On our Link System, battery acceptance (at 14.5 volts or so) must be lower than 6 Amps to go to float. I set the current to 1% of 600Ahr capacity (6 x Gp27) (or maybe I set it to 2% - don't recall) I'd have to read Blue Sky manual to review their rules for cutting back.

Our Link System can measure load on battery, as well as output from alternator and/or charger. By subtracting the load currents from the total charge current, the Link System knows how much is going to the battery. So it's fairly smart.

The Blue Sky system is totally independent, and has to figure out by itself.
I''l check their manuals for the 3000i and see if I find any hints that could cause this.

More later - - Drew


John Kennedy created a new topic ' 1986 IP 31 Rudder repair' in the forum. 4 days ago

We pulled our IP 31 this week to avoid damage from Hurricane Florence. We noticed a crack around the center line of the rudder. The after cleaning off the paint and gel coat, the worst case was on the Leading Edge of the rudder in the area of propeller wash where the fiberglass is delaminated. The rest of the leading edge and the trailing edge show intermittent signs of shallow crack.
Measurable moisture content was only noted in the delaminated area. The rudder still seems sound. There is no movement in any axis except that associated with normal bearing/pintel clearance. I have an email in for Technical assistance. Has anyone experienced similar problems? Any and all assistance welcome.
John Kennedy


hayden created a new topic ' Prosine 2.0 will not go to float' in the forum. 4 days ago

IPYOA team:

I am noticing and working thru a charger issue this summer. Several resets, and several calls to Xantrex. Today, my third call the tech brought up an idea I have never heard of. Move solar off prosine and flip it. Details below

First my issue.
Charger will display high voltage 14.4 warning when I return after a week away.
Seems like bank has been at 14.4v non-stop cause charger will not go to 13.3v float, hence factory reset and troubleshoot

Prosine positive to PD, house bank positive distribution post
Prosine negative to ND, house negative distribution post
House bank 5 GP31 Lifelines
PD to + battery 1 of 5
ND to - battery 5 of 5

Blue sky 300i
Positive to PD
Negative to ND

Wind Turbine
Positive to Prosine 2.0 positive output that feeds to PD
Negative to Prosine 2.0 negative output that feeds to ND

Technician said....
Move solar Positve from PD to positive of battery 5
Move solar negative from ND to negative of battery 1

WOW, I never heard of that. Basically, they want the solar feed to be opposite of the prosine feed. They said that the solar can confuse the prosine.

Has anyone heard of this?



Neal Overstrom replied to the topic 'Need help with IP 31 or IP 32' in the forum. 5 days ago

Late to the discussion, but I would echo Hayden’s comments – the IP 31 and IP 32 are very different boats. My wife and I just went through the same experience as you. Coming from catboat sailing we were drawn to the shallow draft of the IP31, especially the centerboard model (only 3 feet). We looked at a number of them but for whatever reason didn’t feel ready to make an offer. Then we saw a posting for an IP32 nearby and were sold. A few additional thoughts:

Significantly, the boat was bigger in every way, feeling more like the IP35 (which we also looked at) than the IP31. If you’ve been aboard both you undoubtedly noticed that below decks the forward cabin and V-berth are much roomier, the quarter berth bigger, and more stowage overall, in part because the hull form (I assume) allows the settee lockers to have more volume and both the water and fuel tanks to be located under the cabin sole.

Another important difference for me was engine access. Whereas there is a large hatch in the cockpit of the IP31, it appeared that all the routine maintenance, which I do myself, would involve hanging over the engine from above. In the IP32, the engine is accessible from the cabin and the quarter berth, which I find better.

Also as Hayden noted, the hull design was reportedly improved and we’ve been perfectly satisfied with the performance. The draft is a bit more than the standard IP31 (4’4” versus 4’0”), which we felt was still shallow enough for our coastal sailing and motoring|sailing the Great Loop if we wanted. I don’t recall any substantive differences in deck layout, except that the IP32 cabin top is taller and a big step up, though not too much so for us.

We still like the IP31 very much, and I’m sure we would have been very happy with any one of several in great condition that we considered. Quite pleased with our decision, however.


hayden replied to the topic 'Island Packet 380 PLAN SEA for sale' in the forum. 5 days ago

STOP LOOKING for your dream IP 380, This is IT....PLAN SEA....ready to sail, in the water in Florida!

380 PLAN SEA new price is $169,750. That is a fantastic deal for a 1999 Island Packet 380 in such great shape. Please take a look at the photos and at the listing, I have posted 150 photos showing the condition of this yacht.

To read the listing details of this beautiful IP 380, please click here:

Please contact Hayden Cochran with Whiteaker Yacht Sales to request a showing of this dream IP 380. You will NOT find a cleaner yacht.



Dan Reasoner replied to the topic 'ProMariner ProSafe Galvanic Isolator Monitor AC Line 2 "Fail"' in the forum. 5 days ago

I believe I have found the culprit to my Galvanic Isolator "Fail"! The test on this ProSave ZincSaver 30 indicates one of the diodes is bad. It does not look fixable, but I'll check with ProMariner. I need to get it fixed or find a replacement.


Randy Covington replied to the topic 'Solar/ wind charge controller.' in the forum. 5 days ago


Thanks for your information and time putting it together. This is very good information, especially to us, as we are new to all this and renewing what we already have on board. After reading your thoughts on keeping the system separated, with their own regulation, I realize my thinking was flawed. I do a lot of rock climbing, and never rely on a single piece of protection.
There are so many options available and as many different ways to put it all together.
I believe we will take your advise on both the turbine and solar equipment.

Thanks again



Cover and Frame for IP-380. Cover new in 2015. Not used in 2017. Boat was sold. 2 Piece cover.[...]

david bradsher Hi Tad, I might be interested. Do you have any pictures? Also how far down does the cover go, to the toe rail or does it also cover the hull. Feel... Show more 5 days ago
Jim Van Lenten replied to the topic 'Solar/ wind charge controller.' in the forum. 6 days ago

I use Victron Energy MPPT controllers. Check their website. You can monitor you charging system on your phone or computer since they are Bluetooth enabled. They also have very good technical support and product info.


hayden replied to the topic 'Solar/ wind charge controller.' in the forum. 7 days ago


I have had several of each and now I have what I feel is a really good system that performs very well. One idea I now subscribe to is that each of these systems should be independent systems. That way when one controller breaks or a wire is broken then you only are down that one system. We originally had one totally combined system by Ample Power where one controller managed the regulator, solar and all battery monitoring. We now have removed that and we have gone with the best in each area.

Solar Boost by BLUE SKY ENERGY:
This is the new solar controller we are using with our 350 watts of solar (old 2004 install?). We also add the remote monitor and mounted that in the galley instrument drop down door.
Blue Sky Energy:

SB300i controller

Remote display:
I would upscale this and get the better one that allows remote admin of the sb300i

Jeff Fields owner of Marine Beam designed and makes the MK450, this is a 450 watt turbine with a controller. This is a fantastic machine that is quiet and has made our boat totally energy independent. While in the Bahamas and Caribbean in trade winds, we never have to run the engine for power. Our battery bank is constantly full if the wind is 12-15+ knots and it is sunny.

Marine Beam, Jeff Field

MK45 Wind Turbine

We ate totally happy with these installs and they have really worked out well. My next upgrade will be to replace my old 2004 solar panels with newer and better panels with more power, but then again, WHY? We are energy positive now.



Randy Covington created a new topic ' Solar/ wind charge controller.' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hope all out East are doing well, give the current Hurricane!

I have a question about solar and wind charge controllers. Curious what the IP folks are using to for both wind and solar.
Is there a controller that will take input from both solar and wind?
Also looking to replace our Xantrex battery monitor, as it is currently not trusted.

Best regards




I am going with a long they say, NOAA does not Know-ahh :-)

I too have seen this and I am also tracking hurricanes and trying to learn my weather data assessment. Here is one tool I am playing with for storms

Once zoomed in, click the bottom left EARTH word to open up a ton of options. Very fun to use.

I also made a video on how to use this to track a specific location. See this:



Learn more about our IPYOA projects here. We hope you find this helpful and supportive.

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