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hayden created a new topic ' Island Packet Yacht Owners and Customer Questions for Hake Marine' in the forum. 4 hours 53 minutes ago

Here are some common questions being asked by the Island Packet Yacht Owners related to the new company Hake Marine and Island Packet Yachts, Traditional Watercraft Inc. These were answered by Bill Bolin and approved for posting today.


1. Was the Island Packet Yachts Business sold to Hake Marine or did the business fall into bankruptcy and the bank now owns it all?

TWI closed its doors, and Hake Marine acquired the assets of Traditional Watercraft. We cannot go into any further detail than that.

2. Heartland LLC bought the names Island Packet Yachts and Blue Jacket. What else did they buy? IP Molds? Yacht Inventory? The Woodshop? The business, anything else?

Hake Marine acquired all tangible and intangible assets.

3. What is going to happen with IP 460? Who Owns this yacht? Will it be delivered to the owner? Will it be finished?

see below...

4. What is going to happen with IP 520? Who owns this yacht? Will it be delivered? Will it be finished?

Hake Marine cannot comment on the IP460 and IP520 until decisions have been made with potential buyers

5. What is the status of the IP 38 Owner's boat that is in the factory torn down for refit? Will this owner be able to get his boat refit and returned?

The customer hired Hake Marine to complete the work instead of TWI. The work is complete and the IP38 is back with the owner.

6. Will the new company display a new Island Packet yacht at the Annapolis MD Show?

Hake Marine has started the design process for 2-3 new yachts. More information will be released at a later date.

7. Is anything being build right now?

Hake Marine is back to building boats on a consistent basis. 3-5 boats will be in progress at one time.

8. How many people currently work at the New Company?

We do not disclose private company information such as revenues, number of employees or other private financial and/or operating data.

9. Will the Island Packet fleet of owners have access to factory support and access replacement parts?

Yes. The new land lines will be hooked up soon and the online Ship’s Store is now active. There is a phone number on the IPY and Seaward websites that works here in our Florida offices now. And while Hake Marine acquired the assets of Traditional Watercraft (TWI), the warranty coverage on “legacy” (pre-April 2016 build) yachts remains with TWI. However, Hake Marine values all IP and Blue Jacket owners and is committed to working with “legacy” owners on a case-by-case basis. New builds will be covered by Hake Marine factory warranty.

Bill Bolin
VP Sales
Hake Marine


We will be leaving HONU, our IP38, in a slip at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay, Mexico for the 2016 hurricane season. She will be in the water and we are hiring a caretaker to keep an eye on her while we are in California. This will be the first time we have done this and are wondering if anyone has a check list for preparing the boat. We intend to:
remove the foresails,
install the mainsail cover and wrap with line,
remove all lines on deck,
pull halyards into mast so that a small cord is all that is exposed to winds and UV,
fill the water and fuel tanks,
biocide in the fuel,
empty the reefer,
make sure all foodstuffs are stored so they don't attract critters,
leave interior storage hatch covers ajar to allow air circulation,
close and cover all exterior hatches (with the exception of the hatch in the aft head that has a solar powered fan),
draw all port curtains,
close all thru hulls,
leave extra dock lines in the cockpit for use by the care taker if necessary,
wipe down all interior surfaces with a vinegar/water solution to inhibit the growth of mold,
leave electric bilge and sump pumps on,
remove radar reflector and all flags and burgees,
remove the dinghy from the davits, deflate and tie her down to the deck (its a RIB and will not fit through the companionway).

There are some things we are unsure of.
Should HONU be attached to shore power? She has three 140 watt solar panels that can keep the batteries topped up, but we have heard from some that the panels should be securely covered with plywood to prevent damage from flying debris in a big wind. We expect that shore power could be unstable or nonexistent in the case of a big storm.
Should we disconnect interior electronics from power sources to protect them from lightning?
Should we fill the holding tank with fresh water, is there a compound that should be added?
Should we have the caretaker start and run the engine periodically? If so how often and for how long?

We intend to leave the dodger up with the window cover on, the winch covers on, and the helm station canvas cover on, but will ask the caretaker to remove them and the dodger canvas if a big storm is expected.

Comments, or a list if you have done a similar thing with your boat, would be appreciated.

Mike and Judy Sawyer


hayden replied to the topic 'Winch Rebuilding' in the forum. 9 hours 58 minutes ago


I moved your original post to Yacht Systems, no problem.

As for working on the mast winch, I would work on it in place, BUT, I would cut a cardboard box and tape it around the mast under the winch as to catch any part that you may drop. When re-assembling the winch I would use winch grease that will hold all the paws in place. The winch grease is so sticky that it should do the job. That is the way I would do this.



I would like to install a dome light in the salon of an IP320. Has anyone accomplished this? I assume you would need surface wiring, but where is... Show more

hayden created a new topic ' Coolaroo Sun Shade Fabric' in the forum. yesterday

We will be storing our boat in Florida for the first time this May to Nov. I will be installing a full Yacht sunshade using g tge Coolaroo Sun Shade fabric. I will be using 6' x 100' for tge sides, top lifeline e to waterline. I will use a 12' x 50' for tge deck cover. The deck cover will be one piece forward of the mast 12'x20' and one piece aft of tge mast 12'x 30'. I plan to not tent this deck shade, but rather tie it flat across tge deck from top lifeline to top lifeline. The fabric is woven and allows moisture and rain trough but blocks 80% of the UV. I will add photos once installed.

Cost is $260.

Check out these sites to learn more.

Buy it from Amazon Prime, $130 per roll.
6 x 100 130$
12 x 50 130$

More to follow.



Scott Wolff replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow 4JH4_' in the forum. yesterday

This is the inside of a bad mixing elbow off a 4jh2e which is the same type you have for 3" exhaust. This IP38 has seen lots of salt water for Ocean cruises. Around 3,000 hours was on the engine, this is the second elbow.. Diesel Dawg Yacht Care, LLC


Art Neufeld created a new topic ' Winch Rebuilding' in the forum. yesterday

I need to rebuild the two halyard winches on the mast. Will this orientation create special difficulties, i.e. will parts start falling out as I begin disassembly?

Is it better to remove a vertically mounted winch an rebuild it on a more level service?



fred isbert replied to the topic 'Re: Fogging of the Portlights' in the forum. 2 days ago

My 1984 IP31 has plastic port lights. They were hazed like old car headlights. I used headlight renew compound kit. Each port light took about 30 minutes. Cost about $15.


Joe McCann replied to the topic 'Diesel Fill Cap' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hi Bob,
It was difficult in the photo to see the actual numbers on the ruler, but the threaded portion looked very much like 1 1/2". Thanks for taking the time to take the photo and answer my inquiry. Truly appreciated.


Joe McCann thanked Bob Wirtz in topic Diesel Fill Cap 3 days ago
Bob Wirtz replied to the topic 'Diesel Fill Cap' in the forum. 3 days ago

Photo with ruler of the diesel cap on my IP-380 (2000) is attached. Hope this helps.


Bob Wirtz replied to the topic 'Re: Macerator pump outlet' in the forum. 3 days ago

I just replaced my macerator pump, rubber impeller style. Nigel Calder in his "Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual"mentions that macerator pumps have a high failure rate relative to their use, with the effluent swelling the rubber vanes causing them to jam and tear off. I noticed that Hayden uses a diaphragm style pump which should circumvent problems with the impeller style units, however, it is significantly more expensive. I'm considering switching to a Mark V manual pump when I need a replacement again. The Mark V would eliminate the electric motor and impeller, is about the same cost,
and could empty my 40 gal holding tank in 5 minutes. Any thoughts or comments on this approach? Thanks.


Bob Wirtz replied to the topic 'Lofrans Tigres instillation' in the forum. 3 days ago

Just finished instillation on my Tigres windlass (photo w/o rear cover), foot switches and solenoid. Was not able to open the DVD instruction manual that came with the unit, however, accessing IPYOA photos as well as videos on servicing the Tigres gave me the information I needed. Used 4 AWG cable from the solenoid to the motor, as the service video indicated that only up to 2 AWG could be used for the rear cover to close and seal. Will used a 3" section of Float Noodle (see photo) to reduce water intake.


Bill Bolin replied to the topic 'Island Packet and Blue Jacket Yachts acquired by Hake Marine' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hmmm. Might have a broken link there. Send me a note direct: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will see if I can help.

All the best,


Dan Berkey replied to the topic 'Island Packet and Blue Jacket Yachts acquired by Hake Marine' in the forum. 4 days ago


Where can I call or write to get repair parts for my IP420? I used the contact form on the website to send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., but I've received no reply, Any help is appreciated.


SV Karvi
Ensenada, Mexico


Bill Bolin replied to the topic 'Island Packet and Blue Jacket Yachts acquired by Hake Marine' in the forum. 4 days ago

The glass shop remains on the 1979 side of the road but the offices have moved closer to the production lines "across the street" at 2080 Wild Acres Road.


hayden replied to the topic 'Lofrans Tigres instillation' in the forum. 4 days ago

When I switched from the SL1000 to the Tigress, I replaced the solenoid installing the one that came with the Tigress, but I kept and used the SL foot switches and wiring since these are just little signal wires. I hope your install is going well.



Daniel Sadler replied to the topic 'Re: Fogging of the Portlights' in the forum. 4 days ago

I think it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replace the glass without removing the opening part of the port light from the fixed frame.

I removed the opening part of the port from the fixed by driving the slotted spring pin out with a punch. It is not difficult and the pins can be reused. I took the port light home on the workbench and used a utility knife to cut the bonding between the glass and the frame. The sealant that is use is very tenacious and difficult to remove, even after going around the frame with the knife. I cut a piece of 3/4 plywood the same size as the glass and used c-clamps to press the glass out. You still have to cut some of the sealant away as the glass begins to separate from the metal.

Once separated I cleaned all the old sealant off the metal before trying to install the new glass. This takes some time since it adheres so well. To reassemble I ran a bead of sealant on the inside of the frame, dropped the glass into the frame, ran another bead of sealant around the glass before pressing the U channel into the frame. To get it tight I reversed the plywood/c-clamp that I used to press the glass out to press the new glass in. kept the clamps in place and left each unit sit overnight before removing the clamps and trimming the excess sealant from the glass/metal. The only thing holding the glass in the frame is the sealant. I used Sikkins 220+. After the first one I started taping off the glass and metal to make cleanup easier.

If you haven't replaced the rubber gaskets yet I recommend you do so. I had replaced mine previously so I just reused them. I purchased them from IP, but I note that they show as out of stock.
I am sorry I did not take any pictures. Hope this helps.


Renard replied to the topic 'Island Packet and Blue Jacket Yachts acquired by Hake Marine' in the forum. 4 days ago

Good news; Thanks Hayden



Ray Sample uploaded 1 photos to the new album Untitled Album. 4 days ago