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Stephen Bond created a new topic ' Inside Route in the Keys' in the forum. 1 hour 21 minutes ago

I'm planning to head south to Marathon from Miami over the next few weeks and am trying to decide between Hawk Channel and the inside route. I would prefer the inside route due to the additional anchoring options. We draw 5' and looking at the charts it looks reasonable, but the Waterway Guide book says that anyone drawing over 4.5' should go outside. Hayden, I know y'all took the inside route this year but draw a little less than us, how were the depths? Anyone have any advice on inside vs outside for a vessel drawing 5'?


Stephen Bond replied to the topic 'Marina Recommendations in Ft. Pierce Area?' in the forum. 2 hours 2 minutes ago

Don't know if you've found a spot yet or not, but just spent the month of January in Ft. Pierce. The city marina and Harbortown seem to be the 2 nicest marinas in town, but neither had availability when we were there. The city marina would be really awesome if you could get in there. There is a huge farmers market just outside of the city marina every Saturday that is really fun. We ended up staying at Ft. Pierce Inlet marina and enjoyed our stay. It's a small (1 dock) marina and nothing fancy, but we liked it fine. Gets a bit rolly when the wind is out of the north but not too bad. The dockmaster, Bob, is very helpful.


Haden what's going on wth IP? Any info?

Gilbert & Jane McClung thanked george henry in topic El nuevo marina en Cozumel 6 hours 2 minutes ago
Todd Doster created a new topic ' Boom Gallows / Dodger' in the forum. 6 hours 27 minutes ago

In the process of redesigning the dodger on our IP35. I have always been a fan of boom gallows to give the boom something rigid to sit on for a number of reasons and surprised I can only find one example of a IP38 with Gallows. Are there any others that anyone knows of who have done this and incorporated it into their dodger/bimini setup? Going back and forth on setting it up this way or going semi-rigid squared in to give a cleaner look on the bimini, especially when closed in, but still able to take most of it down for windage and lower weight.. Thoughts before I start?


Chris replied to IP32 owners group 6 hours 27 minutes ago

Ron, we have a 32 (102) and we love her. Initially, we really, really wanted a 40 but have since changed our minds. Our 32 is perfect for us and we...

joe wyers replied to the topic 'New (to us) IP350-004' in the forum. 7 hours 14 minutes ago

We are keeping the same name, "Neon Moon" We are waiting on a better weather window, we plan to take an offshore route. We have a friend that is a captain coming with us. Will give the details of our first
trip as soon as we take it..
best wishes


Robert Abel replied to the topic 'Boot Key Mooring field' in the forum. 7 hours 51 minutes ago

Blind faith - this is our second year staying at Boot Key Harbor mooring field.
We absolutely love it! The harbor is very secure from all wind directions, the cruiser community is very friendly and helpful. There are many good restaurants, a Publix grocery and Home Depot in a short walking distance. The morning cruisers net is entertaining and xceptionally helpful. Weekly pump out included in the $300/month fee! The lounge has good internet, mail service and the local taxi service is a flat $5 for anywhere on the island. Currently there are about 10 IPs here and we all get together every couple of weeks.
The only draw back is getting a mooring. This is a very popular place and many folks stay all season.
March would be an excellent time to arrive as many snowbirds would either be off to Bahamas or starting the trek north. The mooring field has been at 100% capacity since early Dec with a 30-40 boat waiting list. The good thing though there is room for about 40 boats to anchor while waiting.
I give Boot Key 10.
Bob and Carol
sv Pepromenon
IP 31 #144


John Longo uploaded 1 photos to the new album Untitled Album. 9 hours 21 minutes ago
John Longo My first boat and introduction to Blue Water many years ago! 9 hours 15 minutes ago
Scott replied to the topic 'New (to us) IP350-004' in the forum. 9 hours 41 minutes ago

Congrats on your purchase!!! You could not have purchased a better boat (in our biased opinion). We are still new to this whole sailing/boating thing but we are loving the journey. We would be interested to hear about your travels back to Texas, route, etc. When do you plan on taking her home? And more importantly, what is the new name going to be?

Again, welcome to the Island Packet family!


Steven A. Janett updated their profile picture. yesterday

joe wyers replied to the topic 'New (to us) IP350-004' in the forum. yesterday

The wife and I just purchased an IP350, it is in Mobile...waiting on weather window to bring it to Kemah, Tx. We can't wait to get her home.....The name is Neon Moon. I am sure we will be on this site to ask many, many, many questions, then ask some more...haha


Looking for a Higher resolution Sail Plan / Line Drawing for the IP38 than is available in my Google Searches. Does anyone have a high-resolution... Show more

peter chilcott replied to the topic 'Mast Step Leak where it attaches to the Keel IP485' in the forum. yesterday

Managed to add a photo.


Ron Alarie posted a new discussionyesterday

IP32 owners group

Don't see much activity here. Any one available for questions on IP 32. Love to hear from you. Ron

IP32 Owners Group
Jeff donahue updated their profile picture. 2 days ago

Richard Stewart replied to the topic 'Upgrading Ground Tackle - recommendations???' in the forum. 3 days ago

We purchased our IP 370. Last week (after listening to Hayden) I switched to a Rocna 55#. It fits our anchor roller perfectly. I also added the Mantus Anchor Mate which is a stout SS bracket that fits on the roller bolt and aligns the Rocna blade to center and holds it tight. We sailed in 30 knots last weekend and the anchor didn't budge. Installing the Mantus device is a quick add on. It requires a longer roller axle bolt and several SS washers(both West Marine) to clear the side of the the IP bowsprit. Check out the photo.
After installing the Rocna I read Fatty Goodlander's Creative Anchoring. He has a Rocna 55# on Ganesh and swears by it. Ganesh is a 30,000 lb. full keel heavy cruiser. Really, he must mention the Rocna 15 times in the book and criticizes the problems with other designs. He says he has no commercial interest in the company. Fatty knows. He's been around the world twice. I recommend the book. He's a very colorful character.
Rick Stewart
s/v Moon Eye; IP370 #21
Kemah, Texas


peter chilcott replied to the topic 'Mast Step Leak where it attaches to the Keel IP485' in the forum. 3 days ago

No, the plate is attached to the floor with the bolts at each corner. If the mast was removed you would see it slides into a collar on the inside of the mast. There is some good discussion and photos on the other ip forum. I am going to give mine a blast with the jet washer i reckon i can get the head inside the box section to clear any debris, coat the bolts with some anti corrosion and leave it at that. I think the point of corrosion are the bolts because they are stainless on aluminium.


Jon and Kristi replied to the topic 'Mast Step Leak where it attaches to the Keel IP485' in the forum. 3 days ago

Was just with the boat for the past couple of days through some serious rainfall. I got to watch the rain drip down the mast. So now I feel kind of stupid for my original post, but at least know now that it is just a small leak at the mast boot. So just like you, I need to figure out a better way to vent the water out of this area so it's not always damp down there.
No idea on pulling the mast, but I imagine it involves removing these four bolts.


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