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Emile du Toit replied to the topic 'Re: IP35 new holding tank and head...ideas' in the forum. 13 hours 14 minutes ago

We just ordered a C-head for our Ip35. We chose the one with aft angle to allow it to fit nicely against hull slope. Will have to raise the pedestal a few inches probably. I am using 4x4 oak sealed in expoxy to make the support, then cover them with 1/2 inch starboard for a new base. Also a bit of trim in the front. One thing Sandy from C-head points out is that if you keep the contents quite dry by using a mix of wood chips and ceder cat sand (which is really just wood), then no vent is even needed. We have had composting heads before and they really work very well on boats. One thing I am having to do as well is to remove the water supply hose for the old head. As I followed it back to the seacock, it joins a T-Bronze fitting which shares the inlet for cooling water to engine. My plan is to remove and replace the T-fitting and use just a 90 deg Perko hose adapter since I no longer will need to supply water to the head. Its called ADAPTER PIPE/HOSE 3/4" Bronze 90D Part PERKO 0063DP5PLB and can be found at Walmart or online at Amazon incase anyone needs it.


George Meinke replied to the topic 'IP 38 Rope Clutch access/removal' in the forum. yesterday

I believe they are tapped into plates - at least that is the way they are on the 40.


Maurice Sullivan created a new topic ' IP 38 Rope Clutch access/removal' in the forum. yesterday

The port pair of rope clutches on my IP 38 need to be removed for repair/replacement. I can see the screw/bolt heads but I don't know if they are self tapping screws or bolts backed with nuts. There is no access to the underside of the clutches that I can find. Does anyone have any information?



Bill Pfanstiel replied to the topic 'IP 27 Boom - Isomat NB32' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi Geronimo
We went to our boat today and I measured the actual length of the extrusion(tube) . The length of the tube minus the gooseneck and end cap is 154 inches.Hope this additional info helps as well. Good luck. Keep us informed of how you make out.
Bill Pfanstiel
S/V Kattyshack IP27 # 189


Geronimo replied to the topic 'IP 27 Boom - Isomat NB32' in the forum. 2 days ago

Thank you everyone! This is the official answer from Island Packet:

If this is the main boom and not the club boom, the "E" dimension is 13'-0" and the end of the boom is shown as being 6" aft of the black band. I do not have a dimension of the end cap but the 13' "E" dimension is what is most important.

So apparently 13' is the right number, as bpfanstiel suggested. I also wrote Mack Sails and they found a boom manufacturer for me (US Spar I believe) so I am getting everything (mainsail and boom) from them.
PlumBob, nice anecdote, I feel a bit better now :)


Sam Allen replied to the topic 'IP 27 Boom - Isomat NB32' in the forum. 3 days ago

gero -

I totally misread your post - and replied concerning the Mast - not the boom. Sorry about that.

Some years ago a Westsail 32, entered in the San Francisco to Hawaii Single-Handed Trans-Pac had the boom broken in a similar accident. The sailor splinted the boom with extra paddles for his wind vane - and won his division. In HI, he cut the bad parts out of the boom and splinted it with 2x4's shaped to fit inside. Sailed home that way.

Good luck w/ your refit.


Bill Pfanstiel replied to the topic 'IP 27 Boom - Isomat NB32' in the forum. 4 days ago

We have an IP27 located on the Middle River, Md. When we had our Mack Pack made we measured our boom as 13 feet, gooseneck to boom end. I am going to pur boat on Sunday, I could get a measurement of the tube itself then.


Sam Allen replied to the topic 'IP 27 Boom - Isomat NB32' in the forum. 4 days ago


The original factory info says the mast is 38'6" above the water line. From the water line to the mast step - I don't know.... I suppose you could order a longer mast with the intention of having it cut down to size before installation.

Hope this helps.


peter chilcott replied to the topic 'IP 485 Holding Tank Pickup Tube' in the forum. 4 days ago

Yes, I would also be very interested to know. How did you get on with the calibration and did you include the diesel tank as well?

What was the price and delivery time as it suggests they are custom made?

Thank you


DANIEL PLETZER updated their profile picture. 5 days ago

Glenn Kenney replied to the topic 'IP 485 Holding Tank Pickup Tube' in the forum. 5 days ago

Jacrupi beat me to the questions. Which model and where on the tanks did you install the system. My accugage system is less than helpful. If it was consistently wrong I could live with once I understood how it was seeing the level. But it is just all over the place

IP 485 #57


Joe Crupi replied to the topic 'IP 485 Holding Tank Pickup Tube' in the forum. 6 days ago

I have not been too impressed with the Accuguess system on my IP485 either. Can you let me know the model you used and tube lengths for the tanks if you still have them? On the fiberglass tanks, where did you put the sensors? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Jon and Kristi replied to the topic 'IP 485 Holding Tank Pickup Tube' in the forum. 6 days ago

We got tired of the accuguess system and installed a tank tender for all 5 tanks. Now I know the exact level of fluid in each tank. Of note, we are always left with 7 inches of fluid in our holding tank when we pump out (shore pump or macerator). I haven’t cracked it open yet to figure out why...
IP 485 #47


George Meinke replied to the topic 'Splicing anchor chain' in the forum. 6 days ago

We have 9/16 3 strand Nylon - Samson I believe. Might be a tad light for the 420. I think you are about 8K heavier than a IP 40.
Hope this helps


Marshall Dix created a new topic ' Sonar transducer IP32' in the forum. 6 days ago

Hi. I have a new Garmin 742xs and I want to add a sonar transducer. I’m interested in a shallow water view more than fishing.
Apparently, the model is dependent on the angle of the hull at install location.
Does anyone with an IP32 have a suggested mounting place for a flush mount thru Hull transducer?
The models being suggested are
1 B60-20 16-24 deg deadrise
2 B60-12 8-15 deg deadrise
3 B17 0-7 deg deadrise

Appreciate any help


Guy W Walton, Jr replied to the topic 'Splicing anchor chain' in the forum. 6 days ago

I have a 60+ lb Bruce with chain a my back up second anchor. I think your idea with a long rode on both anchors is a great idea. My windlass is an anchorman so I have to pull second anchor up by hand if I ever need it. Question, what size rode do you have on your anchors? Thanks, for your suggestions.


DrewS uploaded 2 photos to the new album Line deflector for rudder shoe. 7 days ago
George Meinke replied to the topic 'Splicing anchor chain' in the forum. 1 week ago

To your question - I think the Crosby connector looks fine and the best solution I have seen for connecting chain. it doesn't look galvanized so it will likely rust and need to be replaced after a season or two.

Some questions as you make your decision:
1. Where are you going? We have never needed that much chain in 12 years on the east coast or in the Bahamas. We do well with 170 feet of chain and some rode..
2. Will the connector go thru your windlass?
3. Will the windlass do both chain and rode?
4. What is your other anchor? If you lose the Roca what is "Plan B"? anchors get trapped and you can't get them up, or you have to abandon them in a hurry some times.

The 420 is a big boat but the chain is another 100# s on the bow. If your second anchor isn't fairly robust and a good all round "Plan B", I would put my weight and $$$ the second anchor system and just splice in a 100 feet of rode on the Roca chain.

For what it is worth - On Delicia, an IP 40, we have two 55 Delta anchors rigged on the bow. One with 170' of 5/16 g4 and 130' of rode - the primary & one with 50' of G4 with 250' of rode, "Plan B" We have used them both at the same time, but not very often. Getting two anchors down is a pain, but getting them up is a real pain, and very hard and slow if you need to move in a storm or the middle of the night.
My 2 cents


Geronimo created a new topic ' IP 27 Boom - Isomat NB32' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hello community!
Sailing on 25-30 kt of wind on a broad reach with no jib and a reefed mainsail (first line of reef), around 1am in the morning, a gust, a wave, a tired helmsman and an involuntary jibe caused the boom of my Island Packet 27 to split in half.
I understand it is an Isomat NB32, and I contacted RigRite to quote it for me. They replied asking me for the tube length, and I have two issues: (1) I don't really know from where to where it is measured, and (2) I am in Connecticut and my boat in Maryland.....
Anybody can help me providing either the measure of it, or specifications, advice, etc?
Any clue is greatly appreciated. I understand this is not that happens very often....
Thank you!


Dave replied to the topic 'Splicing anchor chain' in the forum. 1 week ago

We’re considering the same plan..adding 100ft to 180ft 5/16” G4 chain, for sailing up the BC coast. The Crosby you suggested looks like it would take the load better than anything I’ve looked at. My concern would be, how it stands up to the saltwater environment, as it is specific to industrial uses. Anyone have an opinion?


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