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hayden replied to the topic 'Thru hull question' in the forum. 20 hours 37 minutes ago

The drain idea i am hoping will work. Of course when we will be on a port tack, leaning to starboard the cockpit ice box drain will be under water. i am planning to redo this drain hose by adding a T into the top 1/4 of the run dumping the watermaker brine into that hose and allowing it to drain down to the boot strip. If that does not work over time, then I will add a stern thru hull and dump it there.

Your idea of running the watermaker every day which would prevent you from needing to back flush it is an interesting idea. The Spectra Ventura 200t makes 8 gal/hour and draws 9-10 amps DC. So we are hoping to run this off wind and solar mid day, say, noon to 1400 hrs. That would give us 16 gallons which is way more than we use. As for back flushing, I will install all the items very close to each other keeping the runs short and hoping this too will reduce back flush amounts, but I like your idea, just run it every day and do not back flush until stored.

I am also looking into the Z-brine module by Spectra that allows you to store the unit longer with our back flushing. I am still reading up and will do more inquiries at the Annapolis Boat Show next weekend.

I am hoping to be able to install the "feed pump module" and the filters on the top backside of the cockpit seat ice box. This is underset 5 1/5" and is 12: high, so this would keep the items up and out of the way in the sail locker. The feed pump module will go on the aft facing surface and the filters on the outboard facing surface. The high pressure clark pump and membrane unit will mount directly outboard of this area on a new shelf up high at the deck and hull joint, again, not wasting any sail locker space.

Thank you for all your great input, I really appreciate your postings.



George Meinke replied to the topic 'Thru hull question' in the forum. 21 hours 37 minutes ago

That is great looking installation, the drain plan sounds great. It should be high enough, you will likely make water underway when motoring so you shouldn’t have much heel. Here are a few thoughts about your weekly usage plan - - You might consider running the WM every day. It is far more efficient to run it every 24 hours and never back flush it. That way you don’t waste 5 gallons of fresh water every time you run it. I replaced my first membrane after 7 years never back flushing it, and when I replaced it was still making 310 – 380 ppm water. In fact I have no provision to back flush it. I try to run it once a day and try never to go over 48 hrs. w/o running it. The manufacturer recommends no more than 72 hrs. w/o using or pickling. Even if I don’t need the water, I run it for about 15 minutes, just enough to clear the membrane and start making good water again, then shut it down. There are two other advantages to this operation protocol. 1. You don’t need a carbon filter or the back flush plumbing. 2. It is easier on the batteries – You don’t draw down so much because you have shorter runs. Your unit is much more power efficient than my old 160 Katadyn, so the power issues may not be as important. We use 22 amps for about 7 gal/hr.
As far as back flush and membrane health goes, all the membranes are the same – all made the same way and all covered by the same patent.
S/V Delicia, IP40


Mark Longren post a new ad 1993 IP35 #163 "Copasetic" 22 hours 29 minutes ago

1993 IP35 #163 "Copasetic"1993 IP35 #163 "Copasetic"1993 IP35 #163 "Copasetic"1993 IP35 #163 "Copasetic"
Well equipped IP35. "Copasetic" recently back from a 2500nm, North Atlantic Solo Sailing Adventure [...]

hayden created a new topic ' 2016 IPYOA Annapolis Boat Show NOON gathering' in the forum. 23 hours 26 minutes ago


As many of you know, we, the IPY Owners, Dealers, and Wannabees meet informally every day at NOON on the roof deck, under the white tent, 2nd floor, at the FLEET RESERVE in the Annapolis Boat Show. Wear some IP Gear and then head over to the Fleet Reserve, grad a pit beef sandwich, and then head up to the 2nd floor roof deck at NOON.
Find other IP owners, connect, visit, chat and share IP stories and plans.

We try to do this every day of the boat show, Thru, Fri, Sat, and Sun, Mon.
Radeen and I plan to be there Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday this year, we are driving to the show since our boat is in Stuart Florida. Usually we sail over and dock our IP35 at the Annapolis Yacht Basin.

We hope to see you there.

NOTE: YOU CAN ENTER THIS FLEET RESERVE BUILDING and NOT ENTER THE SHOW. This means you do not need to buy a show ticket to attend. You just have to deal with parking. Simply Walk in the front, the STREET SIDE of the Fleet Reserve, then go out to the back deck and up to the roof.

Here is the website for the Fleet Reserve.

Here is the website for the Annapolis Boatshow

Here is where we will all be at NOON. SEE YOU THERE!



hayden replied to the topic 'Thru hull question' in the forum. yesterday

Greorge, great reply, you always add such detailed and thoughtful replies. Thank you

Our watermaker planned install, I was going to tee into the AC thru hull but then decided to install a dedicated 3/4" thru hull into the galley floor locker allowing me to run the hose directly to the sail locker where I plan to install the Spectra Ventura 200t. I am a little crazy about leaving thru hulls open and with my AC intake, I find that we are not using it that often when cruising, so I keep it closed. Plus it is down deep in the bilge making it hard to open and close. So a dedicated one in the galley floor is where we installed it. Like George said, I hope it is deep enough.

Our discharge will be tied into the cock pit ice box locker drain, you know the silly small square locker in the seat that we all use for cleaning supplies. That locker has a drain hose to the boot stripe and it also have a seacock factory installed. I plan to discharge my watermaker into that line.

So, my thought is that when I want to make water, once a week, I guess, then I will open the one thru hull dedicated to the watermaker in the galley floor. This is the plan for mine. I will be installing this in early Nov, so photos to follow.

Here is the galley floor thru hull that was installed by Hinckley in Stuart Florida. I have not seen this yet.



George Meinke replied to the topic 'Thru hull question' in the forum. 2 days ago

Island Dreamer
Yes I have a couple of concerns about your plan.
While I am not that familiar with the IP 445; some frig drains are very close to the water line, and you want the water maker intake as deep as possible. For two reasons – one you don’t want to pick up air bubbles and have them “exploding” thru the membrane. You want to be able to make water underway and the boat can be rolling around in a sea way and can create a lot of bubbles. Second, oil floats on the water, and you will have less chance of picking it up the deeper your water pick up. The oil will destroy the membrane. You will find it very use full to run the water maker briefly at the dock before heading off shore just to check it out before you get away from spares and water maker expert help. Oil or gas floating on the water can be an issue in port. If your frig drain is very deep then these issues may not be a consideration. But if I understand your approach correctly you will still stand the chance of sucking material spilled in the refrig into the water maker. Think “soap or bleach or mayo” none will help the water maker.
Next, where do you plan to install your water maker and the wash down pump? Your planned water maker location is another consideration effecting your thru hull choice. It will affect the location of the filters, boost pump, and overboard drain – 95% of the intake water goes overboard as waste. Is it going to be close to the wash down pump or the close to the refrig? I don’t think you want hoses running all over the boat just so you can use a specific thu hull. Even if you do use the refrig thu hull you will have a supply hose or pressure hose running to the front of the boat for the wash down pump.
My advice would be to add a thru hull for the water maker intake and share it with the wash down if the installation locations make sense. You won’t be using the wash down while making water because you won’t want all the anchor mud in the water maker. What other thru hulls are available to share? Does the boat have air conditioning? If so where does it get its cooling water and reject its waste water? That may be another source. The head intake may also work if it isn’t shared with the engine. As a general rule I am uncomfortable sharing the engine intake because if (when) the strainer gets plugged the motor will suck all the water out of the water maker.
My two cents
S/V Delicia IP40


My IP 35 anchor locker drains into the bilge. Has anyone put a new thru hull into the anchor locker so the dirty water does not drain into the bilge?

Michael Luskin created a new topic ' Relay for Starter Solenoid on IP27 with Yanmar 2GM20F' in the forum. 3 days ago

See attached photo of the starter solenoid relay I installed on my IP27-146 "Turtleheart." This eliminated the voltage drop problem completely. ML


James Duggan updated their profile picture. 4 days ago

Blair created a new topic ' Thru hull question' in the forum. 5 days ago

We have an IP445. We would prefer not to add another thru hull for our watermaker and would prefer to use an existing one. We are thinking of using the fridge drain thru hull which is currently a 3/4" unit. We would put in a 1.5" thru hull, add a water strainer and add a "T" for the water maker just past the strainer. We would also add a second "T" in line for a washdown pump and then the inlet for the fridge drain.

Does anyone see problems with this? Are we missing anything?

What type/brand of thru hull do you recommend?


Scott created a new topic ' Any IP350 make it under Brooks Bridge' in the forum. 5 days ago

We are trying to figure out if we can get under the Brooks Bridge in Fort Walton Beach FL. It is listed on the charts as 50' but the tidal markers show 47 - 48 ish. Locals tell us this is not a 50' bridge, but everybody has different opinions, no facts. We climbed the mast and measured and are at 49'6" to the top of the expensive stuff. If any IP 350's have information that could help us, please give us a shout. Thanks!


IP 44 VERY HARD TO TURN THE WHEEL ? Did check the wheel lock and is ok also cleaned and greased all moving parts .

Sam Allen replied to the topic 'Water tank guage (and perhaps other tanks) replacement' in the forum. 5 days ago

Wanderer, I'd seen the TankTender, and was kinda fishing to see if anyone would comment about it. THANKS.

gshenry, I'm going to be very interested to see what you come up with here, too! I suppose that might be the best of all worlds LOL..



george henry replied to the topic 'Water tank guage (and perhaps other tanks) replacement' in the forum. 5 days ago

Has anyone installed tank gauges that can be read on their Raymarine chart plotter?
George Henry
S/V Andromeda, IP44-35
The Harborage Marina,
St. Petersburg, Fl.


Glenn Parker replied to the topic 'Water tank guage (and perhaps other tanks) replacement' in the forum. 6 days ago

On a previous boat (not an IP) I installed the Hart Tank Tender and loved it. They have been around for many years. Simple and accurate. They are not cheap, but IMO worth the cost.


hayden replied to the topic 'Mack Sails is more than sails' in the forum. 6 days ago


I plan to install the Spectra Ventura 200t as follows:

1. New 3/4 thru hull and seacock in galley floor, completed
2. Pump and filter inside sail locker, forward edge bolted to cockpit seat ice box. There is a 7" x 15" space up under the fwd edge of the sail locker lid. This is unused space and will allow the pump to be out of the way.
3. The Clark Pump and Pressure tube assembly will go onto a newly glassed in shelf that will be against the hull up as high as possible to the deck directly outboard of the forward edge of the sail locker lid. This needs to be reachable to turn the pressure relief knob. I may need an extended tool/dowel rod w/rubber foot.
4. One extra filter may be installed before the feed pump.
5. Sea strainer will be installed in galley floor as well.
6. Brine discharge will be connected into the cockpit ice box locker (small seat locker to starboard) that already has a drain hose to the boot stripe and a seacock.
7. Supply product water will be connected into the deck fill hose with simple PVC connections and water hose connections.

This install should not take away any storage space currently in use. All the areas I am using are spaces that are not used in any way.

That is it. The Spectra Ventura 200t is manual, but can have an automated system added for $1500, nope, not doing that.

The Spectra dimensions are here:

More details here:



Jimmy Stacy replied to the topic 'Mack Sails is more than sails' in the forum. 7 days ago

Hi Hayden,
Where are you planning to locate the Ventura 200T on Island Spirit. Once you have her installed, I would love to see your pictures of the installation and location.


hayden replied to the topic 'Re: Engine compartment sound dampening material' in the forum. 1 week ago

I owned IP25-058 from 1991-2001, this was similar to mine. The weather stripping is not factory. I bet someone put that there due to the compression on the foam. I think the foam is to make the seal. The best engine room material is from Sound Down.

If you look under acoustic insulation you will find this:
Soundown Barrier Composite Insulation is the most commonly used material due to its wide range of applications and excellent acoustic properties. These composites are typically a fire retardant polyether foam absorber and decoupler type, with a mass loaded PVC barrier in one of several different weights.

I would call them and find out is they supplied IPY, they might have. I would talk to these people. Let us know what you find out.



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