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  • Craig Fleetwood created a new topic ' IP 485 stern tube diameter?' in the forum.
    8 hours 13 minutes ago

    I made a slight error before returning to the states....I have a 485 with a 1.5 inch diameter shaft...I need to replace the "Dripless Shaft Seal" but failed to measure the Stern Tube Diameter before I left Fiji.
    I need to purchase this item before returning to the boat but can not find this information on-line.
    Does anyone know the stern tube O.D for a IP 485 .?


  • hayden created a new topic ' IPYOA Fleet Discount with Batch Order, Mystic Stainless Folding Ladder' in the forum.
    15 hours 7 minutes ago


    I just received this special offer from for a 10% discount on their fold away ladders if we can get a BATCH ORDER of 5 together at one time. This will provide each of the five owners to buy a folding ladder at a 10% discount, but we would need to get 5 orders together at one time. The best way to do this would be via this discussion thread.

    First take a look at the web site and study their fold-away ladder. If you think you woudl like to order one of these, then simple reply to this thread and let me know your boat model. Once we have 5 replies then I will try to organize the order with Mystic Stainless.


    Thanks to Ed L. IP37 FINESTERE for finding this great product.

    Hayden in the Bahamas


  • Dan Lawson replied to the topic 'Linens and Bedding' in the forum.

    We too wanted to recommend Peggy for your needs. We are in the Marina in St Petersburg. She knows and has patterns for the entire IP line. Her pricing and workmanship are excellent.

    Can't say enough to recommend Her! :)


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    Raymarine Radar Drive Belt Replaced

    Raymarine non digital rotating radar drive belt is a 4" O-ring. We bougth a replacement from Raymarine for $15.00 to fix our non-rotating antenna. Here is a photo essay on how to fix this.

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  • Erin Brown replied to the topic 'IP38 swim platform' in the forum.

    Thanks for the detailed review Ejacks. I reached out to both Kato and Beachcomber last night to see about pricing and if they'd be willing to work up a mount that would allow the platform to fold up flat against the transom for offshore work or chop from the stern.

    I'll let y'all know what I get back. The swim platform isn't an urgent need for us until we get a little closer to departure date but we're trying to nail down the options and prioritize the projects over the next year or so in an attempt to avoid the typical rush before casting off. Not sure that's possible, but it's going to be fun to try.

    Thanks again for the feedback.



  • Erin Brown thanked Edwin Jacks in topic IP38 swim platform
  • hayden created a new topic ' VPN secure your WiFi with Astrill' in the forum.

    Thanks to another IP owner, Lamar, IP420 Winterset, I have been using a great VPN tool while we cruisie and use 3G, WiFi or any communications. This tool can easily be addted to your cell phone, tablet and laptops. The problem while cruising is that you are always using open WiFi networks or open WiFi networks that require a login to prove your account. Once online, your communications or the data you are sending via this WiFi connection can easily be intercepted and used by hackers. Yes, I know there are not too many hackers out cruising, but still your data is sent over many networks and servers until it reaches the destination and at any point it can be intercepted and used.

    With VPN, your data is encrypted so that only the intended receiver can access the data. Then your returning data is encrypted and sent back in such a way that only you can read this data packet. In short, VPN makes your communications secure.

    Imagine, when you are on a WiFi network without VPN, your login name and passwords are sent in a way that they can easily be picked up and decoded. We have now used this VPN software for 3+ years and we think it is well worth the yearly fee. We add on the $5 HOME plan which allows us to add the VPN software to 5 devices. We have this on two laptops, one Bahamas cell phones, and one tablet. All are working fine and it is on all the time.

    Here is the company site

    Look for this logo...


    Hayden on Astrill....always! Thank you Lamar!


  • Steve and Jo Crix replied to the topic 'IP420 rudder removal' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hi Neil
    Were you able to obtain clarification on how to do this? I am about to remove the rudder on my IP420 and also change the cutlass bearing. Any steps or tips you have would be very much appreciated.


  • Raymarine Radar Drive Belt Replaced is now being featured in the community.

    2 days ago

    Raymarine Radar Drive Belt Replaced

    Raymarine non digital rotating radar drive belt is a 4" O-ring. We bougth a replacement from Raymarine for $15.00 to fix our non-rotating antenna....

  • hayden shared 11 photos in the Raymarine Radar Drive Belt Replaced album
    2 days ago

    Raymarine non digital rotating radar drive belt is a 4" O-ring. We bougth a replacement from Raymarine for $15.00 to fix our non-rotating antenna....
  • hayden created a new topic ' Raymarine Radar Drive Belt Repaired/Replaced' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    We have a Raymarine non digital 2002 unit that was repaired in 2006 by Raymarine and now this year 2015 the drive belt stop spinning the radar. This presented an error message on the Chartplotter screen that would show up when you switched over to the radar, that error message said ANTENNA NOT ROTATING. So we called Raymarine support and they said that is the drive belt, so we ordered another drive belt for $15.00. Well, drive belt #1 arrived and I tried to replace this WITHOUT bringing the unit down to the deck and taking it all apart. Instead, since the old original drive belt stretched over the antenna to come off, I thought I could stretch the new one over the antenna. While doing this at the spreaders in bosun chair, I stretched the new drive belt over the antenna and ofcourse it snapped. So, I replaced the old one by stretching it back on to the antenna and the unit started working again! WHAT???

    NExt I ordered another drive belt and this time, while in Hope Town Bahamas I went up to the spreaders and removed the radar and brought in down to the deck. There in the cockpit, I remvoed the anteanna and installed the new belt. The antenna simply unscrews with 4 screws and lifts off, then the new belt is placed under the antenna and the antenna is screwed back down. The repair took about 20 minutes tops.

    So, back up the mast, haul up the radar and mount it back down and rewire the unit. Reseal the wires into the mast and the radar and fire it up. Sure enough it worked great and we are back up and running with our 2002/2006/2015 Raymarine radar unit!

    If you radar presents an error that the antenna is not roatating, then buy this $15.00 belt (which is a 4" diameter O ring!) and install a new one, chances are your radar will start rotating again.

    Here is a photo album of the to follow

    Photo of the Radar drive belt.



  • Edwin Jacks replied to the topic 'IP38 swim platform' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    I have the swim platform from Beachcomber Fiberglass. We are very comfortable and happy with it after four seasons in the Caribbean. Here is a link that Cochran gave me a few years ago of various pictures.

    1. Waves from the transom are a little noisy due to minimal number of slots to release pressure. This is not really an issue.
    2. We love the built in swim ladder. It is much safer having the ability to access the boat from the water if you fall in or simply forget. Plus it allows you to simply cut the folding ladder and leave it down for access to the platform. Some chips out of the powder coating after 4 seasons.
    3. Bolts holding the platform may fail if not 316 stainless ($$$) due to corrosion. Also, we went oversize, they seemed too small.
    4. The support brackets seem a bit small and could use a little reinforcement to stiffen them.
    5. I love having no teak on the platform to maintain.
    6. The color match was perfect.

    Enclosed is quote for your 38 Island Packet Swim Platform. We are starting to get backed up on our lead times and will need at least 3 weeks to manufacture. Feel free to contact us if we can further assist you or you have any questions.
    Platform 60” x 22” - $1075.00 $1,075
    Island Packet Gel Coat Color Match - $130.00 $130
    Standard Color is Brite White, No Charge
    2 Custom Mounting Brackets Type 316L Stainless Steel at $170.00 Each - $340.00 $340
    3 Step Undermount Ladder - $425.00 $425
    Packing & Shipping to St. Mary’s GA - $115.00 $115
    All products have a TWO YEAR STRUCTURAL WARRANTY
    Regards, $2,085
    Beachcomber Fiberglass Technology Inc.
    3355 S.E. Lionel Terrace
    Stuart, FL 34997
    772 283-0200 Ph
    772 286-0049 Fx
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • hayden replied to the topic 'CPT Calcium Prevention Treatment' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Has anyone else used C H, Clean Hose ???. We have started this year and we are wondering if anyone has used this for years.
    Hayden...via Bahamas cell on mobile.


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  • hayden replied to the topic 'Yanmar Exhaust Mixing Elbows' in the forum.
    5 days ago


    Look at the above pictures: is your mixing elbow U SHAPE or is it SQUARE? I bet it is SQUARE.

    IF it is square, no need to change it. That is the better, new and improved model that DOES NOT CLOG.

    IF it is U SHAPE, change it. That is the OLD design that clogs.



  • Richard Younger replied to the topic 'Yanmar Exhaust Mixing Elbows' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    Not sure if I missed it but how do you tell if your mixing elbow is going bad? Have a IP 485 2009 w/Yanmar 4JH4-HTE. Started to head north from Vero Beach Fl when I brought engine up to cruise rpm, 2300 noticed a rise in temp from normal. When lowered rpm to 1800 the temp came back to normal. Back at the dock checked the bottom for growth, impeller was new, strainer was clean with lots of intake water, and normal amount of water coming from exhaust. Suspect either heat exchanger or exhaust mixing elbow. Pulled the intake hose to mixing elbow and found no obstruction and looked as far into the mixing elbow as I could. Also checked the vent loop/anti syphon and was all clean. Should I think about replacing the elbow? My next step will be the heat exchanger. Does anyone know if you can remove the tube pack by only removing one end cap of the exchanger?



  • hayden created a new topic ' Solar Shower works great' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    This is out 4th year in the Bahamas and I wanted to report on the use of our solar shower. The report is...IT WORKS GREAT!!!!....we love it. Here is the process.
    We take a standard solar shower and modify the hose so that it will reach from the deck to the head shower area while seated below on the shower seat. Then, in the AM we fill the unit using the head shower hose with the sprayer removed. Radeen passes this hose up to me on deck, I leave the solar shower in place and I fill it with her tunring on and off the water. Then at the end of the day, after a full day of swimming, or walking, or beach walking etc, we take HOT showers before dinner and the water will be almost too hot! These things really work. Two people can easily shower from this 5 gallon unit and matter of fact we had 4 people showering last week using it, so it works. Rule #1 on our boat is...A SHOWER EVERY DAY and NOT in the COCKPIT, or swim platrform, but in the shower/bath/head where you are supposed to shower and bath! I am amazed to learn how many cruisers do no shower on their boats because they do not want to get the head wet! WHAT? The head is just fine gettign wet, take a shower on your boat, it is EASY.

    #1. Buy this... Plastimo Solar Shower 5 Gallon Holding Capacity
    #2. Modify the hose do it can lay on deck and the hose can come down to the shower seat IN THE HEAD!
    #3. Fill it in the AM using the shower hose from the head, pass it up to the deck and not move the 5 gallons

    Enjoy showering on you boat, clean crew and parterners are happier onese


    Hadyen....on anchor in the Bahamas


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