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George Meinke replied to the topic 'Where to store dinghy' in the forum. 5 hours 25 minutes ago

We have an IP40 also, and we too would love to have a sailing dink. I can think of nothing nicer than fooling around with a sailing dink in an anchorage. But we are not willing to give up the stay sail for fore deck dink storage. So here are some ideas that have thought about and actually designed.
One idea.
When doing an ocean passage you might put the inflatable inside in the aft cabin if it is a roll up. Then put the sailing dink inverted between the traveler and the mast. Get rid of the vang. You need to build a platform to raise the dink above the running rigging on the deck. This might be something as simple as a lattice of 1” PVC with the lines running thru them. Then strap the dink to the hand holds. We don’t use our vang much because we have permanent preventers at the mid shipwhich we use to hold down the boom when it is out.
Idea Two.
Put the sailing dink on the davits but hang it upside down. It can’t fill with water this way. If you get in real trouble, cut it lose. We have hung our RIB this way for passages. It isn’t too hard to flip over if you run a strap under the hull.
Idea Three
We had some friends with an IP 420 that put the inflatable on top of the davits and the sailing dink below. Worked for them but seemed like a lot of trouble to me.
Actually what you need is a 485??? Lot of room on the aft deck!!
S/V Delicia


George Meinke replied to the topic 'Fin vs Full keel' in the forum. 5 hours 52 minutes ago

Asking this discussion group about IPs is a little like asking the Pope about Catholics - - but with that disclaimer.

Here is my experience. We have owned a 350 with a roller main - sailed her about 15k nm. We now own an IP 40 with a fully battened main, - sailed her about 25k nm. We had/have fixed props. Observations:

Never have we felt a lack of speed. Yes - in light air and calm water we can't compete with light fin keel boats, especially close to the wind.

But in real ocean sailing we do well with all other cruising boats. On long passages we carry sail more effectively, we carry more load, and continue comfortably when others either give up or won't go out.

The stay sail is a thing of beauty, way different than a deeply reefed genoa. It actually works as a sail. When you reef the center of effort moves into the center of the boat where you need it in heavy air. We sail comfortable in 28-30 knots. The auto pilot had a lot less work to do because the boat tracks so well. We sailed a sister ship to our 350 non stop from Long Island to Norfolk in November in 30-38 knots - yes it was rough and wet - but the boat performed well. Nothing broke, nothing moved, no cabinets or doors opened or jammed, the boat didn't "work" it was quiet inside. We were very heavy and the green water came over the house a few times, but the water stayed in the ocean and didn't get in the boat - - just no drama.

The IP 40 is the same - only more. We get there at the same time or ahead of others that we travel with. Often we sail alone because others don't want to go in 20-25 knots, when it is 4-6'. We are whimps really, but the boat makes it easy.

S/V Delicia


hayden replied to the topic 'Fin vs Full keel' in the forum. 12 hours ago

My wife and I have 17 years sailing our IP35 over 30,000nm and we are never disappointed in how well she sails. Our background is from 8 years of active dinghy racing and then 8 years of J35 racing in Long Island Sound. We love to trim sails.

I have put sailed a Sabre 42 and have photographic proof here.

Then here are a few of my old YouTube videos sailing out ip35.

I have lots of these

Heading for Turks and Caicos

Sailing Exumas

Florida to NC offshore

Then take a look at this ip40 o sailed home from Bermuda in 34 to 50 knots, oh, and we simply sailed. No run for cover, no drop all sails, it's an ip, keep sailing even in 54 knots.

Trust me, when the wind is 8 knots and above, and ocean sailing, it's usually 15-25, your ip will sail very well plus you will be comfortable and more importantly, YOUR WIFE LOVES IT. What could be better.

Hayden, an ip owner since 1991


Tom Dailey replied to the topic 'Fin vs Full keel' in the forum. 12 hours 14 minutes ago

Hi Brad, I read the same comments about IPs being slow prior to buying an ‘89 IP35. I can give anecdotal evidence to the contrary after sailing the boat for two years. Shortly after buying Panacea we invited friends who sail an older Tartan of 40-45 feet. They have several years experience sailing full time and are fairly accomplished sailors. They were astounded at how well our boat sailed having heard similar comments.

Second is actually first hand experience sailing in 12 to 15 knots on a beam reach with a Beneteau 331 with new sails (vs our old ones), a several thousand pound weight advantage, piloted by experienced sailors as a buddy boat. We not only stayed with them but passed them!

So don’t buy the slow boat nonsense you read. My hunch is those that make the comments don’t have experience with an IP.

The IP will have plenty of speed and will be much more comfortable when the breeze picks up and seas build.

Buy the IP.


Randy Covington replied to the topic 'Where to store dinghy' in the forum. 14 hours 8 minutes ago

Our IP40 has dinghy davits which work great for out 8' inflatable. Have been looking at ideas to replace the inflatable with a Trinka or Fatty Knees dinghy. and would like to be able to store it on deck. Searching, I have not seen an IP with a hard dinghy stored on deck. Is it a realistic option? Would love to have a sailing dinghy.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Fair Winds



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Brad Trim created a new topic ' Fin vs Full keel' in the forum. 16 hours 29 minutes ago

I've been sailing for 33 years. I've owned Catalina 27 and 34. Ready to sell the business and retire. Always wanted to own an IP. But two questions I would like owners to answer (not a sales or manufacturers rep). I need honest opinions. First - how much of a performance degradation can I expect with a full keel. I'm looking at the IP495 vs similar fin keel (Jeanneau). I've always felt the IP would give me a sturdy, dependable boat, but the last few comments I've seen say they sail like a snail. Can someone give me the straight scoop? Am I looking at a 1/2 knot, 1 knot, or more in speed difference?

Second, with the hard times of late, and the sale of IP I wonder if the quality and attention to detail is still there, or are they just trying to turn a profit?

Please, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. This is a big investment for us and I don't want to make a mistake.

Thanks in advance,



Emile du Toit created a new topic ' Fuel return hose replacement' in the forum. 18 hours 36 minutes ago

Does anyone know where to source a replacement diesel fuel return hose for a Yanmar 3HM35F on a 1989 Island Packet? It is olive green in color. I can't yet see a spec on the hose but will have to dig deeper. It passes from the tank under the galley next to the seawater cooling water intake for the engine. It appears there is a pinhole leak somewhere in this hose. The hose has a crimped copper connector at the tank side with a fitting that screws onto the tank, so I am hoping to find a replacement hose with a new crimped fitting. Is this something still made or do I have to cut new hose and use pinch stainless clamps? Thanks.


Blair created a new topic ' Radiator Cap for 4JH3-TE Yanmar' in the forum. 5 days ago

I need a new radiator cap for our 2003 4JH3-TE engine. The one sent by our local Yanmar dealer as a replacement is dramatically smaller than the existing one - see picture.

Rather than offer the older, larger cap, they suggest a new part that includes a filler neck assembly which uses the smaller cap. (Part 129171-44600 ). This unit has what looks like an adaptor that would allow the use of the smaller cap.

The suggested new unit not only is 5X the price, I don't see how it would attach to the engine. There are no bolts on the top of the radiator that would allow for the filler neck assembly.

Does anyone have any advice on how to install the filler neck assembly or how to source the older style radiator cap?



It is effective but can be very dangerous especially in the confines of a hull.


hayden - updated event, United States Sailboat Show Annapolis MD 5 days ago
hayden added a new event 5 days ago

United States Sailboat Show Annapolis MD

United States Sailboat Show City Dock, Annapolis, Maryland Thursday, October 4, 2018 (VIP Day) 10:00am - 6:00pm Friday, October 5, 2018 10:00am -...

  • Thursday, 04 October 2018 12:00 AM
  • City Docks, Annapolis, MD
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hayden replied to the topic 'Clean up and odor eradication after holding tank leak : IP 29' in the forum. 7 days ago


We use products on our IP 35 and it works the best over a long period of time. The clean up we would use vinegar and water in a spray bottle of bleach and water in a spray bottle. Every boat should have Kanberra Gel in use in the sewer locker and storage lockers. Works great. You can order this from many places, even Amazon Prime of course..



Joel Duncan replied to the topic 'Clean up and odor eradication after holding tank leak : IP 29' in the forum. 1 week ago

Thanks for your suggestion. There is a device that was left on the boat after purchase that could be an ozone generator. I was told it was a dehumidifier by the broker but it doesn't look like any i have seen. It does look like ozone generators i have seen on the market. I will get back to the boat in a few weeks and check it out. Have you used one? How do you feel about the safety of using one?


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